Twin Flame Yin Yang

There is a definite link between the yin and yang and twin flames.  Even though the two things are different, and each make a whole, you can learn a lot from each of them.

Yin and Yang

The Yin and Yang is a Chinese philosophy that was around 2400 years ago and it is the concept that one force within will rise and the other will fall.

There is a connectedness that comes with nature and the opposing forces are not really different.  Even though light and dark are opposite, you cannot have light without darkness or darkness without light.  A shadow is caused from the light on the other side.

No one has exact energies, and everyone has to learn to have a balance and that is part of the Chinese science.

Twin Flames and Yin and Yang

The twin flames are similar to the yin and yang because they both are separate and have separate souls, but they are identical in each other.

Life makes everyone have different situations and so when you are born, you start to become who you are.  You are part of each experience that you have, and this process is ruled by all parts of your being.

Your twin flame is a mirror to you and when you begin to embrace the yang then you will have the yin, it is just part of nature.

It is common that people who have a twin soul have balance between harmony.

Balanced Yin and Yang

According to Chinese philosophy, the world began in a chaotic fashion.  There was energy that was opposing forces that caused the universe to be moved around.  There was then modern sciences and the laws of energy that took place.

The opposite forces are two forms, but they are singular.  You can’t have a universe without there being energy.  The forces are interchangeable, and this is the same with a twin flame relationship.  The goal of that relationship is to see where the union will come from.

The path along the way has obstacles and needs growth and has to be balanced.


It is common that twin flames have strong energy and when the relationship first happens, you will have energies that are opposite of each other and this means there are very little problems unless you become out of balanced.

As time passes, the relationship will have more balanced energy and you will stay balanced with each other unless problems come and then this causes there to be unbalanced energies.

These opposite energies are the reasons that people separate their relationships.


When you are connected to your twin flame, the opposite energies come together as one and they are part of your connection.  Over distances, you will see that it affects to be away from each other, and the vibrations will arise when you are back together.

When you look at the Taiichi symbol, then you will see that the forces are different but have the same energies.  The twin flames are mirrors to the soul and if you want to understand it, you need to understand the yin and yang.

Mirror souls can be rooted in the ancient philosophies of China and can be revolved around the idea of the yin and yang.