All About Your Spirit Guides

There are different spirit guides and they come in different sizes and shapes and are different cultures. They can come in any light and they will be there to be your friend and to guide you. When you listen, you can hear them in a quiet voice, and they will be there to make your life better.

Once you learn to accept that you have spirit guides, you can start asking questions and get to know them better. Here are some questions to ask:

How Many Guides Can I Have?

You can have more than one guide. Some will be a primary guide and will stay forever while some will be secondary and might only stay for a while.

Can Guides Move Things?

Guides can move things, but this is something that doesn’t happen very often. They have a very strong vibration, and they can cause electrical things to turn on and off and to flicker.

Do We Become Guides?

Yes. You can become a guide and help other people. You will be studying to be this later in your life.

Male and Female Guides. Who Gets Who?

There are guides that work with the different sides of your brain. Francine is the left guide and is the female guide and if you need a male guide to help you with your balance, you will get one of those as well.

Can Guides Change the Charts?

You write your own life chart as you go in and out of life. You have a set purpose, and you will be there to fulfill it over time. The guides won’t change your chart, but they can help to modify it so that they can help you to deal with hard things.

The guides are there to be your friend and you can trust them to love you through everything that you go through in your life.

Do Guides Heal?

Your guides can help to heal your mind and your heart. They are sometimes even called spirit doctors because they help you.

Do Guides Leave?

Your spirit guides will be with you forever. They sometimes will be able to fulfill their purpose and move to another person, but they will never be far, and you will always have someone else with you before they move on.

Can a Guide be a Ghost?

Guides will not be a ghost and you will not mistake them for one or for someone else. These guides are closer to you than other things and they will raise the vibrations in the room when they come close to you. You may even get the chance to see them.

Do Guides Have Other People?

Guides can visit other people and can be with them just like they can be with you.

What Do Our Guides Look Like?

Your guide will sometimes come to you and let you know what they look like. Sometimes they will come to you in a dream or sometimes you will see them out of the corner of your eyes. They will dress well, and they will be great to look at.