Knowing the Aura and How it Works

One of the easiest things that you can do is to read an aura. You can do this so that you can know the health and wellness that the person has.

Reading an Aura as a Clairvoyant

When you are a clairvoyant, chances are that you can read the aura easier than other people can. Sometimes you might even start reading auras at a very young age. You might not even know what they mean but you can see them.

Anyone Can Read an Aura

Anyone can learn to read an aura if they want to. You need to find someone that you trust with your gifting and use your intuition to help you and you can practice reading auras. The best way that you can do this is to put someone against a wall that is completely white and then look around their body. You will see colors but not looking at the person but looking beyond them. Never rush this and take as long as you need.

Seeing Colors

If you look at them and you are able to start seeing colors, chances are that you will see different layers coming out of the body. Each of these colors are layers of the human aura. This is the energy that is coming out of their body. The color of the aura can change depending on how the person is feeling.

Emotions, thoughts, and physical things in your body can change the color of your aura and the energy that you have around you.

As you look at auras, you will see that some of the colors are bright while others might be dull. An aura that is dull or fuzzy or has white light might be one that is lacking in health or goodness. Sometimes the dull aura might happen when someone is stressed out or depressed.

What Does a Bright Aura Mean?

A bright aura can mean that someone is strong, and they are healthy and happy. This is important to note when you are a clairvoyant and especially if you are a healer.

Seeing and Aura with Technology

There are different types of technology that now you can use days in order to see the aura. These are cameras that take special pictures. They can be put in your hands, and they pick up the energy on their sensors and when they take pictures, it will show different colors.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Even if you cannot see the aura with your eyes, you can practice doing this and it will allow you to try to see the auras. Always have a clear mind and keep yourself strong. Do not give up if you don’t see one right away.

People and Life Choices

People that have lifestyle choices that are not healthy for them might have an aura that is lacking color or one that is dull. This can be things such as not working out, eating unhealthy foods, having addictive behaviors, being abused, having stress in their life or more.

A Stronger Aura Means Change

When you want to have a stronger aura, you need to change things in your life, and this can help to make your aura brighter and stronger. If your aura is lacking, you can do things such as meditation that will help to make your aura stronger.

Getting Rid of Negative Energies

Find ways to cleanse your aura from the negativity that comes in and out of your energy field. This is something that can help to balance your energies and help to cleanse your aura. You can do this with different techniques such as doing smudging with white sage, using crystals, and doing things to increase your energies.

Using Your Aura to Be Strong

When you have an aura that is strong, you will feel healthy and happy, and this is a way that you can take your personal energy and use it in ways that can help your life and help others.