Drawing Daily Tarot Cards: The Benefits

The world is chaotic and unpredictable which makes it hard to hear your intuition over all the other noise. Tarot is one tool you can use to raise the volume on your intuition while quieting the other noise. A daily card pull is a simple, easy way to do a daily intuition check up and still get on with your life.

Tarot Defined

Tarot is a tool that can work in a variety of ways which can be useful for different people. You need to understand your unique relationship to Tarot and allow it to direct how you can best use it. Practically speaking, Tarot refers to a deck of cards, usually 78 of them though decks can very in number. The cards are often split into the 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor cards with the majors numbered 0-21 and the minor organized like regular playing cards. Unlike the four suits in a classic deck, the minor arcana cards have suits like pentacles, cups, swords, and wands to represent the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire respectively. Each card will have an image to correspond to a meaning. Major arcana is connected to life lessons and cycles with minor arcana related to smaller, everyday events. Most decks come with a guidebook to provide general meanings and themes for each card. The card reader interprets the meaning specifically for the current reading. Tarot is believed to function like a mirror. It may not offer exact answers, but highlights feelings, lessons, and questions to create focus, but the answer comes from within. The images and interpretations are meant to spark your intuition which is where the real magic lies.

How-To for Tarot

Follow these steps to do a daily reading and build up the volume on your intuition.

  • Cleanse Your Deck – This is optional, but many find it helpful in connecting to the deck. There are several ways to do this, but one way is to sort the major and minor arcana in order and then shuffle the deck seven times. Follow this up with meditation and setting intentions over the deck.
  • Ground Yourself – Before you pull a card each day, ground yourself. Try something simple like closing your eyes and breathing deeply until you feel fully present in your body. Next, visualize energy from above and below that meets in your center.
  • Shuffle – As you shuffle each day, focus on your groundedness or the question you have for the day.
  • Pull a Card – When you are ready, pull a card.
  • Study the Card – Focus on the details of the card you were drawn to and give yourself time to just study it and react to the image it contains.
  • Interpretation – IF the deck comes with a guidebook and you find value in its interpretations, read about the card you pulled in whole or just the part that seems to apply.
  • Write or Journal – This is also optional, but if the description or image makes you think of something specific or feel something specific, write about it to help with processing and integration.
  • Closing – Everyone will have a unique process so do what feels right for closure on your engagement with the deck. This may include thanking the deck, returning the card, and neatly putting things away.

Tarot is a specific tool that will work differently for each person as they use their own approach. Try daily pulls for two weeks and see how it works for you. You may decide it is not for you, but you can still learn from the practice. Why not give it a shot?