What Do Animal Sightings Mean?

The universe is always wanting to give you signs and messages and the thing is, you have to learn to interpret your messages when the universe sends them to you. These messages can come to you from your dreams, from signs in the world and from feelings that you have inside of you.

When you are able to understand the signs and messages that the universe gives you, you can move on and figure out what your life has in front of you.


Some numbers will come to you as a sign from the universe. These numbers can be different for each person and can represent different things.

Repeating Numbers

One of the signs that the universe will give you is repeating numbers. Have you ever seen 11:11 on the clock or seen 111 on a billboard? This can mean that the universe is trying to tell you something. This can also be a sign from someone that has recently died and is trying to tell you something.

If you have repeating numbers showing up in front of you, you can talk to a psychic and see if they can help you to interpret the meaning of those numbers.

The number 11 is a Master number in numerology, and it means that you are on the right spiritual path in life. It may also mean that you are a lightworker and that you share similar traits with other lightworkers.


The numbers 2 represent a balanced number. When you see repeating 2’s, it can mean that you need to make sure that your life is balanced and that you are reaching your better self. This number can mean you will be successful in your life.


The numbers 333 are numbers that mean you will have something important come to you and you will have to make a choice. This can also mean you need to make a decision about something or that you need to be honest with yourself or others.

Each person has a special number that means something to them that it doesn’t to others.


These numbers can mean something important because they can work together, or they can work as individual numbers.

When you see numbers like this, it can mean you are reaching your goals and you are following the right track in your life.


Some animals can have different meanings in your life and can be spiritual messengers. If you see the cardinal, it can mean that a loved one that has died recently wants to show you a message. It can also mean that you have hard times happening in your life and you are about to get through them.

Flying Birds

When you see birds flying around it can mean that you are in a current project and that you need to be protected and not afraid.


Butterflies can mean that you have change coming in your life. This can mean that you need to let go of past things and move forward.


Spiders can mean that you are going to create life and that you are a creative person.


A grasshopper can mean that you should believe in yourself and that you can reach your goals.


Cat messages can mean that you are patient and kind and that you should help others and trust yourself in life.


A crow can mean that you need to stop judging other people and be kind.


Seeing a dolphin can mean that you need to stop focusing on bad things and be more positive.


Nature has a way of helping you and if you see clouds, it can mean that you are going through a storm, but it will not last forever.


Trees can mean that you need to be protected and that you are growing in your life.

Tea Leaves

Using tea leaves is something from ancient times and if you are using them and you see shapes at the bottom of your cup, it can be a sign.


When you hear certain songs playing, it can be something important to you. Pay attention to the music around you and see if it confirms anything in your life.

Losing and Finding Things

When you lose and find things it can be the spirit guides trying to communicate with you.

Talking to Your Guides

There are ways that you can talk to your spirit guides and you can communicate with them. They want to be part of your life and they want to be there for you. Make sure that you are listening to what they are trying to tell you and pay attention to the signs around you.

The spirits more than likely have a message for you and will be there to help you and guide you in your life.