What Does 1111 Mean and Why Is it Happening to You?

When you see the number 11:11, this is something that is meant to be a sign for you. This is a sign that your spirit guides want to communicate with you. If you hear the numbers 1111 on the radio or if you see them on billboards or on signs, this can be the spirit world trying to get your attention.

You might think that the repetitive numbers of 1111 are just a coincidence, but you need to look beyond that and realize that there is a message hidden inside of this number.

People seem to be paying more attention to repeating numbers and if they can change their mindset and their thinking, they can be more aware of what these repetitive numbers mean.

What does 11:11 mean to you?

The numbers 11:11 come to remind you of what is going on in your life. It is something that will help you to feel and help you to be more aware of something going on in your life. Remember that the more you pay attention to these things, the wiser that you will be, and you do not have to be fearful or worried.

What is 11:11 and What Does it Mean?

Some people believe that the spirit world and the human world interact and when there are repeating numbers, this is a time when you need to focus your thoughts on the spirit world and positive things.

Take your attention to things that scare you and allow your guides to lead you. When you see more than one 1, this means you are making a stronger connection with your spirit guide.

People all over the world see repetitive numbers and this can mean that their journey is strong and that they are becoming strong in their gifts such as empath, intuitive or even lightworkers. You are becoming a healer for the universe.

Humans are meant to help the world and when the humans experience something great, it can be the spirit guides that are helping this.

What is the Mayan Connect?

The Mayan calendar begins on December 21, 2012 and it starts at the time 11:11. This is when the planet reaches a new age.

This number when added together equals the number four and this can be a time where you have to get rid of your ego and know that the planet is there to help you and to put you in the right place.

When you see numbers repeating themselves, it means your guides are telling you that you are on the right path. This means that you need to get rid of the negative thinking and learn to have control of yourself and your life.

This power that goes on inside of you can help you to learn to be stronger and to work well with the planet.


The earth is moving all around you and you are meant to help the earth to become better. People are needing to be awakened and to become better. This might be a hard thing for you to deal with, but you have to look beyond your vision and into your heart.

Make sure that you have good intentions and learn to allow yourself to become better and to trust your spirit guides. Trust that the universe wants to give you a message and when you see the numbers 11:11 repeating, know what you are thinking and feeling at that time and what is happening in your reality.