You May Be Psychic and Not Even Know it

Psychics are individuals gifted with extrasensory abilities enabling them to see, feel, or hear information beyond a typical human’s senses.  If you have wondered if you or a loved one may be a psychic, here are a few signals to notice.

Profound intuition

Gut feelings are a unique human experience.  They can provide a sense of comfort or warning about a particular person, place, object or situation.  Picking up on intense energies is a common trait in psychics.  Notice when you get gut instincts and how you respond to this sensation.  Begin by acknowledging their occurrences and trusting in the information it’s trying to tell you.

Detailed dreams or visions

Do you have extremely vivid dreams at night?  Do you get vision that play out like a blockbuster movie?  Psychics typically have such experiences in an array of times or locations.  They may be in a deep sleep or upon entering a crowded historical site.  These experiences can be frequent or infrequent, but regardless of the amount, each time is intensely realistic and lingers with you for a long time.  Your dreams or vision may include communication with spirits trying to convey a special message.  Pay special attention to every detail during these experiences including what you are seeing, hearing, touching or smelling both in your altered and realistic state.

Navigating intense emotions

You may have bouts of heavy emotions without knowing where they are originating.  Some time may pass and you get a call from a loved one far away telling you about a family medical emergency.  Dealing with strong emotions can leave psychic prone to feeling energetically drained.  This is a hallmark of empathic abilities.  While this can be a gift, helping other with care and compassion, it can also leave you prone to craving self-isolation to ground yourself.  Learn how to understand how the feelings of yourself or others impact you and ways you can practice self-care to recenter yourself.

Seeing auras

Seeing these auras can arises as flashes of lights or pops of color.  They can convey how a person is feeling, or you might even be able to pick up on the presence of another spirit nearby trying to communicate with you.