Positive Lightworkers

How do lightworkers stay positive? How do they be positive when the world is in a hard place? A lightworker isn’t someone that just shows light in the spiritual world but they are someone that wants to save the world.

You cannot save the world and the earth is something that is temporary. A lightworker is someone that will work towards a journey and they will feel that they are successful in their mission depending on what they bring into the world.

The task of helping others falls on lightworkers and this is something that was even once a ritual. Some have went through history giving their life against evil and trying to help others to get out of darkness. They want to see wholeness and hope and sometimes they were murdered because of this. The success of what happens doesn’t depend on what the world has to offer.

There is an energy that is part of what the lightworker wants. They will be there to help you to do what is best in your life. There are different spiritual teachers that would teach lessons and help to bring an impact on the world around them.

The universe is full of energy and when you are with someone that is sad or upset, you can feel that they are having a bad day without them even saying it. Maybe you walk into a room and you feel tension all around you or you look at someone and you can tell they are happy and that they love you.

This is something that can even be proven with science. Each time you have an emotion, you will pick up energy. The energy is there, and you can measure it and see it. A lightworker doesn’t have the job to tell people how to act, they are there to help bring light into a dark world. When you have darkness and you turn it to light, the whole world gets to feel the effects of it.

People know that there is energy around them. They can feel energy when they have a conversation and they can feel love when they are in a room of love. Once a light seed is planted, light will grow.

Lightworkers that are real will make the choices to expand their light circle. They will do what they can to get rid of darkness. You can ask your higher self to help you to make good choices and to help you to change the world.

Everyone has a little bit of darkness inside of them and this happens when we judge others. This is when we think we are better than other people and we forget to feel love and compassion for others. When we have virtue, we get rid of those feelings of being better than other people. Having real light is when you are humble and you have humility.

The world will never be a place where there isn’t chaos or when there isn’t problems but you can make the choice to be a lightworker no matter what. You aren’t alone in trying to make the world a better place, so just keep pushing!