Refining Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is an incredibly helpful tool for increasing one’s quality of life.  Although it can produce subtle differences, they are frequently impactful.  Through meditation you can grow self-awareness and improve inner peace, which can help you seize the present moment for a more connected and fulfilling existence.

Below we have included some tips to revitalize your meditation practice:

Set an intention:  Often people fixate on a life goal.  Instead focus on your practice and work on a motivation for this particular practice!  Maybe you have been feeling stressed out by work, then set an intention to cultivate patience for yourself and others.  By the end of the practice, you will be able to receive benefits such as a sense of grounding or compassion that you can take into the office with you the next day.

Pick a time:  Creating a pattern for your meditation practice, like keeping a consistent time can be helpful.  This creates a spiritual rhythm for your mind, body, spirit that can help you enter a meditative state more readily as you continue your practice.

Find and maintain your sanctuary:  Dedicate a specific and peaceful spot in or outside your home for your practice.  Make sure it is kept clean of clutter to help ensure you feel calm and centered.

Sit comfortably:  To gain the most benefit, your body must be still and comfortable for an extended period of time.  Choose cushions that can support your spine if you are sitting on a hard surface, and make sure to relax your legs.  You may also choose to sit on a chair that allows for a relaxed spine and feet planted firmly on the floor.

Select a style of meditation:  There are many ways to meditate.  You may count your breath, notice then releasing thoughts, visualization, walking a labyrinth, swimming, or mantra.  Explore a bit and notice approaches that connect most with you.  Try a practice for 1-3 weeks to see how your life improves.  You can also choose to join a group or practice with an app.  Be guided by your intuition.

Mediation Resources

You don’t have to meditate alone.  There are many local groups that you can join to foster community while learning important skills.  Plus, practicing with people can enrich your practice and make you feel more eager to meditate.  When you practice with a group, a meditation is lead by teacher that helps encourage participants to get deeper into the meditative experience.  Work with a teacher that feels right for your situation and amplifies your spirit.  If you can’t attend a class, consider downloading a meditation app to your phone or tablet.  There are many great options available, include many free services.

If structured mediation isn’t your style that’s okay.  You can meditate through an array of creative mediums like journaling, sound therapy, drumming, drawing, coloring and even noticing things around you.  You can also have active mediation like hiking in nature, walking a labyrinth, swimming, yoga, or intuitive dance.  Trust your intuition and do what feels right for you and your lifestyle.