Myths About Kundalini Yoga

If you want to go on a journey of a lifetime and activate your potential, Kundalini Yoga can help you to channel your power and change your life. There are easy ways that you can do these practices and they are not dangerous like the internet sometimes says.

Have you ever been on a website and you found that trying Yoga is considered dangerous? When you awaken your Kundalini, it can cause you to have power and can cause you to experience different things. The great thing is that it is a changing experience.


No one has ever done Kundalini Yoga and went crazy. This is a healing energy, and the practice can help you to change your life and to be safe.

Once you reach your higher self, you can experience the power of Kundalini Yoga.


Kundalini Yoga is an energy that works with your spirituality. No matter what religion someone is, you can do this Yoga and it can help to open up your spirit world.

You can use positive mantras and you do not have to have a certain god. This can help you to feel more alive and powerful.


People are often afraid of going through their awakening but doing Kundalini Yoga is a way to heal and open up the senses. It can help you to have tingling in your body and can be sensual for you.

This is only scary when you have different ideas about it. When your Kundalini goes up, it can cause you to want to give up things such as bad habits or fear. It can help you to find your challenges and to fight against them.

If you have something blocked, it can open up your energy.

Wearing a Headpiece

Using the crown chakra is a way that you can get energy and you can be more sensitive. This kind of Yoga can help you to open up your energy and help you to be one with the universe.

This practice can help you to have strength and you do not have to wear a hat.


Kundalini Yoga helps to get rid of blockages in your life and it helps you to open up your feelings and your energy center.

This can make you feel sensual, but it is not about sex but about the personal power that you have and about being aware.

This energy can help you to enhance your energy and your intuition.


Some believe that kundalini will cause you to lose family and friends. This is not true. You will connect to new energy and you will find that you might be more uncomfortable in certain places.

This happens because you are healing, and you are more open to negativity and the environment. This kind of Yoga is meant to bring you joy and to help you to understand who you are. This could cause you to not feel like you fit in any longer.