7 Ways to Know You’ve Been Reincarnated

Reincarnation is a common belief in many religions that state our souls transfer from one body into another following physical death in the quest for spiritual enlightenment.  Throughout history people report memories of former lives and attribute the lesson they gained in each lifetime toward promoting their spiritual growth.  If you are wondering how to tell if you have experienced reincarnation, here are seven signals to notice.

  1. Deep knowledge of things and life lesson: Wisdom is garnered with time.  As you have moved throughout your previous lives you have picked up crucial information and skills.  If you have an innate knowledge of French politics in the 15th century, but you live in Cedar Rapids, IA now, you may have previously lived in 15th century France.
  2. Elevated intuition: People’s intuition is mixed with Divine wisdom gained from all of their soul’s journeys.  During the period between lifetimes, one’s higher self is able to commune with the Universe and Council of Light.  As a result, your “hunches” are more than passing thoughts, they are key sign posts along your path to enlightenment.
  3. Profound emotional aptitude and empathy: Your knowledge of emotional wellness goes beyond your personal experience to tap into the emotional culture of other beings.  This again is due to the wisdom you have gain both throughout your lifetimes and during the period between your earthly experiences.
  4. Lofty obstacles: As you gain in knowledge, so too will your challenges become more intense.  It has been said that suffering or struggle is a sign of an old.  Harness your life lessons to begin to dismantle the hurdles you face in order to grow further spiritually.
  5. Odd fears: Phobias that are unrelated to your present life may be indicative of traumas from previous lifetimes.  During this life we are meant to address and overcome obstacles as a means to free ourselves from limiting patterns and grow spiritually.
  6. Unique connection with others: You might notice feeling pulled to a person, object, or location.  This is because it was a significant part of one of your past lives and has been sent to you in this lifetime to teach you additional life lessons.
  7. Enhanced cognition: Previous lifetimes help to increase our view of the world by broadening our relationship with the microverse and macroverse simultaneously.  By seeing situations from a variety of angles you are able to convey profound universal wisdom to humanity.  It’s a privilege to possess this skill.  However, it can also be challenging at times, but a challenge you are more than prepared to undertake.