Why Empaths Have a Hard Time to Survive

Empaths are people that are extremely sensitive, and they have the gift of picking up the emotions and energies of people and things around them. If you are an empath, chances are that you are sympathetic to those that need help and that you are very compassionate towards others.

When someone is disappointed or sad, maybe even angry, and you tend to pick up on those feelings, or you even feel them yourself, this is probably a big sign that you are an empath. The word “empathies,” means “passion,” while “pathein,” means to “experience.”  This is why someone that is an empath is known to have compassion and to experience the emotions.

A person that is highly sensitive often is able to be awre of things that are going on around them and everything that they feel.

Why Are Empaths More Empathic than Other People?

Being an empath is a gift and they are given emotions that allows them to take on the hurt and pain that other people have. They are able to take ownership of their pain and to deal with anxiety and suffering of others.

An empath can help out people that they know and love, but it can be something that is so overwhelming and upsetting to them at certain times.

Saying No

Empaths have a hard time telling people no because they don’t want them to be hurt. Saying no can allow an empath to have boundaries which are very important for them to be healthy and strong.

Overwhelming Feelings

The feelings that people pick up around them can be very painful and overwhelming when they are an empath. Even a small problem can be blown out of proportion and empath will always be involved.


An empath is like a sponge and picks up the feelings and emotions of everything and everyone around them. People are very desperate to feel loved and an empath is right there to try to help them to take these feelings and to do something with them.

Physical Empath

An empath that is a physical empath can actually feel the pain and hurt of others in their body. When someone is sick, an empath can pick up on those feelings and it can cause them to be sick too. They often experience headaches and other physical sicknesses that others have.


An empath is very sensitive, and they are sometimes called HSP or hypersensitive people. These people seem to not be able to have tough skin and they are easily upset.


Being an empath is hard and when you have high levels of empathy, it is sometimes hard to be a leader. Most people that are empathic are not able to be strong enough to make sure that people do their work because they are worried about upsetting them.

Management is easier to be filled with people that are not empaths because an empath overthinks and overreacts to so much.


Being an empath is a gift from the universe and is a very strong and powerful gifting. Do not hide from your gift but set boundaries and learn to embrace it.