Why Spiritual People are Often Depressed

Everything around you is part of energy, and the energy can be good or bad. People that are spiritual might be people that often battle with mental illness such as depression or suicidal thoughts. Even though we have a hard time understanding this, it can happen to those that are spiritual. Here is why.

People that are on a spiritual journey start to change. They want to find joy and peace in their life and even though the journey is full of joy and peace, the person has to work through things that are hard before they are able to get the joy and peace that they are seeking.

Panic Attacks and More

Someone that is on their spiritual journey will often have panic attacks. When someone has panic attacks or even seizures, this can happen because they are dealing with strong emotions and are overwhelmed in their life.

Being Overwhelmed

A person that is going through their spiritual journey will often experience new things in their life. The mind will start to change along with the spirit and many people will begin seeing things into the spirit world such as visions, ghosts, spirits, angels and more. Some people will even have astral dreams.

The journey will be changing, and this means that the path that you are taking is always changing as well. This change can happen fast and because it is happening so fast, it can be hard to accept. It can take time for someone to adjust to the changes that happen in a spiritual journey.

When you first begin your journey, you will have a lot of doubt and your body will be on the defensive. This will mean that you will turn on all of your internal mechanisms and you will not know how to face the things you are experiencing.

Your body isn’t the only system that is moving though and when the emotions have to be processed through your life, it can cause your body to become overwhelmed and can lead to pressure such as panic attacks or even seizures.

Once you get to this point, you can begin to release these things and start to heal.

Bipolar Disorder

When you look at your life and you are going through your journey, you know that you have to have change. The change will make you feel that you are no longer stable and that you have ups and downs.

This can make you feel like you have bipolar. The journey in your life is about being healed and becoming whole and since this is happening at such as fast rate, it can cause your life to seem out of order.

You might look like a crazy person from the point of view of someone seeing you, but you will realize that the changes that you are having in your life will take time to get used to and this will lead to mood swings.

One minute you might feel great and the next you might be angry or sad. The ideas that you have can fill you up and you have to remember that this is your destiny. No matter what you are feeling, commit to this journey.

What Happened?

As your life changes, your body will change too. You will see that life is full of pain and lessons that you may have avoided in your past. Once you begin to experience these things, you will have new plants and a direction to follow.

Your miracles will come, and you will feel imbalanced and out of whack sometimes and the pain that you suffer can be big, but you will see that your relationships and your health will come back to you, and you will learn things along the way.

People that are getting this information fast will often feel tired and will feel that they are not able to handle the changes. As you change and you see things differently, you will feel lost, and you will feel that you are not able to process the energy all at once, but your body and your spirit will adjust.


Here is what your ego looks like:

  • A desire.
  • Working towards a desire.
  • You want to give up on the desire.
  • You have a new change in thought.
  • You take the next move to change but you become disappointed.

When you face your ego, you will be disappointed. Your journey will help you to realize that you have to get over your ego and form a relationship with it where you are in control.

No matter what goals you reach, the ego will cause the cycle to go longer, and this will lead you to many roads of disappointment. As you learn your lessons in your life, you will learn to let go of your ego and the pain that goes with it.


As you let your ego take control, you will be full of disappointment but as you control this, you will see that you can give this up and you can figure out who you are. The universe will help you to know that you are in control, and you will die to your ego.

Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Everyday someone commits suicide. This can happen because of people being depressed and sad. So many people in the world are on depression pills.

When you have to release things in your life, you have to learn to feel your emotions and to be in control of them. You have to learn to have a level of life that helps you to be the best that you can be and be able to face the things that you face.

Your soul is part of who you are and if you are someone that is an empath and you are always absorbing the negative energies of those around you, life can be tough.

You must take your lessons and realize that life is all about learning and living. You have to see that living is worth it and that you are an on a journey for a better life.

You have to look at yourself and start moving towards your goals and moving away from the things that are holding you back.

You need to be mindful of what you are going through and stop allowing yourself to be comfortable with being selfish and falling apart. You have to look at the world from a different perspective and learn to not let suicide and depression take charge of you.

The lessons and experiences that you have will be about your soul and you will learn about who you are so that you can help others.

Fearing Death

We are all born but we will also all die and this is why you should not be afraid of death. You need to figure out who you are and learn to control yourself and to be in charge of what you are feeling.

If you are desperate, you need to take charge of who you are and do not feel trapped or held back. You need to see death as a reality and not let it make you feel trapped.

Mental Illness and Spirituality

People have their own paths that they are taking, and you have to look at your path and see that it is good. Remember how far you have come and how much you have healed along the way.

The experiences that you have are part of your journey and you need to not judge yourself or be angry with yourself. Learn to see that you are a free soul and learn to love who you are.

Even in your pain, you can see that your life is wild and messy but that you are in charge of your emotional experience on your journey. Embrace this and move forward until you reach your ultimate joy and peace.