What Is Your Love Karma?

Love is a complex phenomenon.  Your attitude can play a key role in the success of a relationships.  Words have great power, and we must be cautious before speaking out of frustration or anger.  No matter how long you have spent cultivating this love, it can be destroyed within seconds due to careless words, action or deeds.  Why this can happen often is found in your previous life dynamics.

Roles of past lives

This is not your first life, and therefore you have carried over baggage from previous incarnations.  The people you meet and have various relationships with are determined by your past life dynamics.  If you suddenly meet someone and it feels like you have known them forever, it’s because you were close previously.  Therefore, when it comes to love, your experience in this life are largely caused by the things you did or failed to do in a previous life.  This causes a karma that is carried over between lives.


No matter your love karma, you have freewill to change your destiny.  By taking control of the dynamic and understanding the lesson you needed to learn you can end a toxic cycle and cultivate the loving dynamics you deserve.

Understanding love karma

People often wonder why they struggle with love.  The answer lies in your past lives and unresolved emotions between two souls.  By understanding the power of past lives, you can begin to heal these ancient wounds.

Bad luck isn’t real

Bad “luck” is really just unsolved lessons from previous lives.  Because so many people are closed-minded with spirituality, they don’t understand they can improve their current situation by looking to the past.  Looking at your love karma can help you pinpoint where your love problems started and how best to begin fixing them.

Examples of love karma

A 54-year-old woman had been divorced thrice. She felt like she was unlovable.  By identifying key problems and reciting a simple healing mantra, she opened herself for true love.  She has now been married to her partner for over 20 years.

A 30-year-old man had partners constantly cheat on him.  It was discovered that he had been a lothario in a previous life to these partners.  So, this life was a typic of karmic payback! With hard work, and understand he was able to meet a loyal (now) spouse.

Emotional masochists

Love karma is powerful and demands to be attended to, before a person can enjoy healthy and happy romance.  Thankfully once corrected, the love you deserve will find you!

Unfortunately, some people enjoy the pain of emotional turmoil.  These individuals are called emotional masochists.  Beware of these people as they seek out others (emotional sadists) to inflict pain onto them.

How to change your love karma

Unless you relate to being an emotional masochist, you want to avoid the crushing pain of a failed relationship.  Psychologists can report pain from serious breakups is comparable to pain of when a loved one dies.  However, by working on the unresolved lessons of your past lives, you can enjoy the most fulfilling love possible in this lifetime.