What to Do if Your Children are Psychics

People often wonder if their children have psychic giftings. Some people are psychic, and they wonder if their children have the same kinds of giftings that they do.

There are some traits that a psychic child might have, but they don’t have to have all of the traits to be psychic.

Characteristics of Psychic Children

One of the biggest ways to know if your child is psychic is if they are sensitive to the energy around them. This means that they can know when someone is upset or sad. They can tell different moods such as happy and angry.

These kinds of children seem to get overworked fast, and they are very sensitive. As they learn how to work their gifts, they will be able to control their emotions more.

Sensitive Surroundings

Kids that are psychic will feel the energies of people, but they also feel the energies of their surroundings. This means if things are overly loud or if there is a lot of energy, the children might be anxious.

Things have energy and sometimes a psychic child will walk into a room and get freaked out about something. This is because things carry energy that can be positive or negative.

These kids need quiet time each day so that they can relax. They can listen to quiet music, draw, or do something to let this energy out.

Know People

Psychic children seem to be able to read and know people. They know if someone is honest or if they are lying. They are able to understand people much easier than others.

Spiritual Things or Imaginary Friends

If you have a child that talks about different spiritual figures such as Buddha or spirit guides, they might be psychic.

These kids often have imaginary friends that they talk to and this can be their guides that are helping them through life.

Psychic kids can often talk to loved ones that have passed away. They know things about them that you have never told them.

Past Life

Sometimes kids that are psychic are able to remember things about their past life. They remember doing things that they had never done with you.

Loving Animals

Psychic kids often are attracted to animals and they are able to give them unconditional love. This is an energy they draw to.


These children will be very compassionate to other people. They are kind and loving and they are happier when they are showing love to others.

Teachers will love these kinds of kids because they are so kind and helpful.

Want to Be Home

The psychic children often would rather be home because they get so much stimulation at school and in places that have a lot of people.

This can cause them to not fit in or to be stressed when they go to school. There is a lot of noise at these places, and they might have a problem with this.

Let your child take a salt bath after school and put on new clothing each day to get rid of negative energies.

Sleep Problems

Some psychic children have strong dreams and nightmares and so they might have problems sleeping.

The best way to fix this is to have a place your child can sleep when they have bad dreams such as your room.

Very Creative

Psychic children are very creative, and this is because they are normally right brained. They are normally good at things such as art or music.

Supporting Your Psychic Child

  • Listen to their feelings.
  • Help them to know their gifting.
  • Learn what intuition is and help them to understand why it is a gift.
  • Help your child to trust their gut feelings.
  • Talk about other gifted children.
  • Do not get stressed out by them.

There are many children that are psychic, and they are being connected with their gifting. Do not be upset or stressed about this but learn to embrace it and help their gifts to show up.