Find Out Who Your Spirit Animal Is!

Spirit guides are spirits that help people and in the Native American tradition, there are spirit guides that are animals. These guides can come to you whenever you want to see them or when you want to connect with them.

When you see an animal that is familiar to you, you might feel close to this animal and it could be your spirit guide. Your animal guide can help you to have peace and confidence in your life.

Do you know what your spirit animal is? If not, here are some ways you can figure out your spirit animal:


One of the best ways to connect to your spirit animal is through your dreams. When you see an animal in your dream then this could be your spirit animal.


Have you had connections with animals in the past such as when you grew up? Have you ever had a wild animal that crossed you and made you feel connected?


Write down the animals in your life that have influenced you. Was there anything that stood out to you? Were there any animals that taught you a lesson or helped you to be stronger or more personal?

Write down all of the animals you have come in contract and see if there was anything you could learn from it.

Identify Your Animal

Once you learn to identify who your spirit animal is, you can learn more about who you are. Your animal has traits that will help you to be stronger and will help you to learn lessons about your life. This will help you to be your better person.

If your animal is a crow, you can learn to hunt energy and to be stronger. You have to think of the qualities that you have and see what animal represents you. Maybe you see an animal in a picture, or a painting and you feel that it resonates with you. This could mean that you are drawn to that specific animal.

Each time your spirit animal touches you, you can write this down and see what unique qualities you and your guide shares.

Common Spirit Animals

Here are some spirit animals that some people have:


A bear is an animal that is strong. If you are connected to a bear, chances are you have deep emotions.


The butterfly transforms and develops. This spirit animal can help you when you are going through changes.


A cat is something that is curious and likes to go on adventures. This can mean you need to be more independent and patient.


Deer’s are sensitive and very intuitive. You can have confidence and balance in your life if this is your animal guide.


A dove can mean peace and new beginnings in life. If this is your guide, chances are you will be hopeful and strong.


The dolphin guide will be there to help you be more playful and fun.


If you have an elephant as a spirit guide it can mean you are kind and loving and you understand others.


The frog is a healing animal. If this is your guide, chances are you need healing and you need to let your past go.


The fox will help you to understand where you live and your surroundings.


The horse is a passionate animal and will help you to reach your goals.


The hawk will help you to see things from different points of view.


The lion guide will be there to give you courage and help you if you are a leader.


The mouse can mean you need to stop looking at smaller things and be happy in your life.


The owl can be your spirit guide and can help you to see things in a deeper light.


The peacock can mean you need to start over in your life and change the way you are going.


The turtle is a spirit guide that shows truth and helps you to have peace in your life.


The tiger means that you have strong emotions and that you need to follow your intuition.


The wolf is a smart animal and will connect with you if you need to be free.