Learn the 6 Ways Soul Mates are Different from Life Partners

There are those we spend our lives in a committed relationship. Then there are soul mates. Sometimes, they are the same person fulfilling both but most of the time they are different relationships. Knowing the 6 unique differences between the two can be helpful.

  1. Soul mates can be anyone while life partners are only romantic partners.

You can find a soul mate in a friend or family member as well as a lover. The soul mate tie is one of emotion where you two “get” each other and that can happen in a variety of relationships. Your life partner, however, is your romantic partner, your lover, your best friend, the one who is the most intimate with you.

  1. Soul mates are usually temporary while life partners are committed.

The purpose of a soulmate is to fill a desire or passion that can teach us lessons about ourselves. Once that is done, they tend to leave. It is a relationship based solely on emotion while a relationship with a life partner is based on a commitment. Your life partner can teach you things too, but they are typically emotionally and spiritually connected without selfish intentions.

  1. Soulmates bring drama while life partners bring contentment.

Soulmates connect emotionally and deeply. These relationships are intense and touch the ego. The intensity of feelings brings turmoil, many changes, and usually broken hearts.

Life partners show up when you are at peace with yourself and aren’t looking to someone else to fulfill your needs. They have similar stories, goals, and dreams, and are there whatever comes your way, good or bad.

  1. Soulmates are similar while life partners are different.

One thing that attracts you to a soulmate is that you feel like you know them instantly. You have similar backgrounds and think alike. You have the same tastes and just “know” how the other feels. That is what starts the attraction.

Life partners have different backgrounds and destinies than you. That is what creates the emotional connection because you find the differences interesting and want to know more. Everything is very natural with them, which creates an everlasting friendship where love blooms.

  1. Soulmates are based on intuition while life partners are based on intellect.

Soulmates are so attractive because they seem to know you from the inside out without even trying. They don’t need to speak for you to know exactly what they are thinking. There is a certain comfort in that, but such an emotionally-based relationship can also be flighty.

Life partners are attracted physically. The physical attracted brings a desire to get to know the other person. This relationship is based on a logical and intelligent decision to get to know someone and develop a commitment to them. This makes it far more stable.

  1. Soulmate relationships are full of obstacles while life partners are naturally easy.

A relationship with a soulmate typically occurs when you are looking for closure. These relationships can bring many lessons but are also full of tough obstacles and it takes a lot of work to maintain it. That’s one reason why soulmate relationships tend to be temporary. They bring out both the best and worst in you.

Life partner relationships are natural. It doesn’t take a lot of work to maintain them. They aren’t dependent on the past or future, just the present. They are working days and each can create the oneness without giving up their individuality.

One relationship doe not exclude the other. Your soulmate can become a life partner and a life partner can, over time, create a soul connection that makes them a soul mate. Neither is better or worse than the other but both have a place in our lives. People never forget either one.