What Does Karma Have to do with My Relationship?

Karma is not just something that is there to punish you when you do things wrong. Karma actually means deed in the Sanskrit language and it has been around for thousands of years.


Karma is every thought, action, and thing you have done in your life now and in the lives before this one. This is something that you carry with you from life to life. Karma never goes away and the point of it is not to punish you, but it is a never-ending thing.

Karma is not just bad, but it can be good as well. Good karma allows you to have joy and to move forward to your higher self and bad karma is there to teach you lessons.

How it Works

The way that you get rid of old karma is to have more positive karma. Karma can leave your life in an uproar if you have bad karma that you are ignoring.

Ignoring your karma will make you blame people for the bad things that happen to you and it can also cause you to make the same mistakes over and over again. Karma will not allow you to ignore these things. Even when you think you are having bad luck; it can be your karma.

If you have things from your past that you have not taken care of, karma will keep coming back. It will have you do the same things and be in the same situations. You have to learn to take care of bad karma instead of trying to ignore it.

Clear out your bad karma so that good things can come to you.

Karma and Action

You can get rid of old karma, but it can be hard. Old karma will make you keep doing the same things over and over again and you have to take action against it.

One way you can do this is by the decisions that you choose to make. Each thing you do will come back to you. If you improve, your karma will be better but if you are selfish or let your ego be in control, bad karma is meant to follow you.

Maybe you were in a relationship and you chose to get a divorce. Maybe children were involved, and you found that your children loved their father more and wanted to stay with him instead of you. Even if you have fought hard to be with your children, you can see that the choices that you have made might affect how your children react to you.

If you cheated, chances are that you will not have a positive relationship with your children, and they might shun you and not want anything to do with you. Karma will always come back.

Positive Karma

There are ways you can create positive karma and here are some ways:

Keep It Sacred

Make sure that you are kind to others, and you have integrity. Do not always think only of yourself but think of others. Be kind to others and treat them the way that you want to be treated.

Be aware of what you are thinking and what you are doing. No matter how often you have been mistreated, you have to act in a way that you are building good karma. Do not respond negatively to the way others have treated you.

Learn to be compassionate and to sacrifice for others. Even if people do not sacrifice for you, it does not give you permission to be ugly or rude.

Get Even

One thing we want to do is get even when someone has done us wrong. This will only bring bad karma in your life. Even if it feels good for a season, it will come back to hurt you.

If you are not happy in your relationship, move forward. Do not get revenge on people that have hurt you.

See the Bigger Picture

Even when you make mistakes, stop blaming others. Learn to stand up for what you have done and make better choices. Karma will be resolved and can even get rid of outstanding karma when you admit you are wrong and try to be better.

We all make mistakes and it can cause us to have bad karma. We can have soul ties with people that are unhealthy, and we can have bad relationships. If you cannot forgive yourself or them, learn how to. You have to do this to find happiness.

You cannot get rid of karma and you shouldn’t want to. Karma is there to help you have a better life and to learn lessons. If you want to have peace and love and joy, karma is there to show you how to get these things.