Listening to Your Angels and Your Guides

Do you sometimes feel angry or frustrated about people around you or are you fearful or full of stress because of things in this world? If you feel these things, you need to take time to ask your guides to help you and to take some of the stress and anxiety from you. Ask them to let you be calm and to know things will be alright.

Your guides and your angels are there to help you every day. They want to talk to you, and they let you use your intuition o feel things. They surround you with love and cover you with light.

Your guides are there to help you and never to harm you. They want you to have positive energy and they want you to feel peace and not to be overwhelmed in life. They love you and they want to get rid of your negative feelings that are holding you back.

Sometimes, I am sure that they wonder why you make the choices that you do, but they will never judge you or put you down for the things that you have done. You only judge yourself and you have to learn to let this go and love yourself the most. Your guides love you unconditionally and you need to learn to love yourself the same way. You are as perfect as you are meant to be.

You are always changing and growing because humans are different. We learn and we change and as life takes us through things, we do it all over again. We are not like the birds or other animals that do not have to worry about things, but we have an inborn response to worry sometimes.

You may not think that you have intuition but if you think about it from a different perspective, you know what to do in life. What do you do right when you wake up? You go to the bathroom and brush your teeth and get dressed for the day. You do this automatically.

You also do other things like go to work or do your chores and you never have to have someone tell you this. This happens because you have a lifestyle that is automatic, and you have learned this from repeating your actions each day. Now you do this without thinking about it and it is a natural habit that you have formed.

You have to learn to trust your guides that they are always there for you and that you are not alone. They will see what you are doing in your life and where you are going but it is important that you communicate with them and then you listen. Listen to what they tell you and listen to your gut feeling. Feel their energy around you and know that they are there for you.

You are part of their life and they are part of yours and they will be there for you from now until the end.