Four Techniques to Remove Curses and Hexes

Have you been experiencing bad luck lately? Do you feel like you’re suddenly in a rut and can’t make any forward progress? Perhaps you’ve begun to wonder if somebody cursed you. Or, maybe you have reason to think that black magic has been employed and you’ve been hexed.

There aren’t many significant differences between curses and hexes. Curses tend to be spontaneous declarations that are usually uttered in emotional moments of anger. They can be quite strong because of the intent and energy within them. Hexes are more deliberate spells that are worked against people. It takes time, planning, and effort to carry out rituals to direct harmful hexes against others.

Energy is neutral. But like attracts like, so you can attract negative energy when you feel negative. If you generally occupy the pessimistic, cynical end of the emotional scale, you’re naturally going to attract more of the same. When you’re stuck in a negative cycle, it’s not much of a stretch for you to believe you’ve been cursed. Feeling as if you are a victim, or that things always go against you leads to negative thought patterns and low expectations. These, in turn, manifest more negative things.

In addition to curses and hexes, people can also fall victim to psychic attacks. These attacks can be accidental or deliberate. Some people instinctively embody negative energy vibes, which readily latch on to others. We’ve all experienced encountering someone who just leaves us feeling awful.

Curses don’t necessarily work every time. A lot depends on if you’re generally optimistic and upbeat, or if you’re overcome by negative energy and pessimism. Consider your physical health. It’s so easy to get over a cold when you’re healthy and strong. But you’re susceptible to every little thing that’s going around when you lack physical energy and feel lethargic. Curses, hexes, and psychic attacks work in a similar way. They only affect you if you’re vulnerable and can’t fight them off—remember, like attracts like.

Thankfully, it is possible to clear away negative energy, resist curses and hexes, and turn your luck around. If you have to remove a curse, these four techniques will help you clear out negativity and flip the “reset” switch on your energy. You’ll return to a neutral emotional state, which will immediately turn your outlook in a positive direction.

  1. Clean up.

This may sound odd and overly simplistic, but a thorough housecleaning will often go a long way toward raising the energy vibration in your home.

Simply opening the windows and inhaling fresh air naturally causes mild hexes and curses to dissipate.

This tip is the easiest, so definitely try it first. If you feel you aren’t getting the desired results, move on to the rest.

  1. Crystalize.

Using protective crystals helps ward off negative energy. Place crystals that attract positive energy around your newly cleaned home. Citrine, black tourmaline, amethyst, and rose quartz all have the power to draw happiness, joy, and positivity into their surroundings. To intensify their effect, you can also carry small crystals with you, or wear crystal jewelry.

  1. Visualize.

For this ritual, you’ll need about 15 minutes and a comfortable place to sit. Prepare the space by cleaning up and lighting incense or a scented candle.

Sit down, close your eyes, and visualize pure, white light pouring down from above and entering your body through the top of your head. The light fills both your aura and your physical body with pure, positive energy. Just sit and let the light’s affirming energy purify your surroundings and your entire being.

Next, picture the white light breaking up any negative energy and removing it from you. Imagine that the negative energy is draining out through your feet and the floor and away into the earth.

The ritual is over when you sense that the light is fading. Open your eyes take a few deep breaths, and have a light snack to help ground you back in reality. You can perform this visualization technique at any time and as frequently as you want to.

  1. Return the curse to its caster.

Though this ritual rebounds the hex or curse to the one who cast it, your intent is not to inflict harm. You will instead transform the incident into a mutually beneficial experience.

Negative energy can not abide where love is present. Love is the preeminent positive energy form. Love sustains life, fuels the functioning of the universe, and overcomes all of the adversities that try to block its way.

For this ritual, prepare your area as described for the visualization technique above. If you know the specific person who cursed or hexed you, write down their name on a scrap of paper.

Begin the visualization ritual as described above, but while you’re imagining the light flowing into you, hold the paper in your hands. Imagine the curse is streaming into the paper. Set the paper down and let the light wash the curse away. Watch it break up and dissolve into the air.

Now, expand your visual imagery so it includes the offending person. Imagine that the white light is flowing out from your heart into theirs. Imagine the person’s surprise as the power of the positive energy is focused on them. Washing them in love is more effective than reflecting their hostility at them and makes it likely that they will not try to curse you again.

As above, when you feel the light fading, open your eyes, breathe deeply, and enjoy a light snack to ground you back in reality.

Final Thoughts

Striving to maintain clean and light energy around you will allow you to immediately feel the difference. As you go about your usual business, you’ll intentionally keep your energy vibes upbeat and positive, and curses, hexes, and psychic attacks will not affect you.