Discover Your Birth Gemstone

Our birth gemstones have unique meanings to humanity.  In the Bible’s book of Exodus, the Priest Aaron was protected by a breastplate encrusted with twelve separate gemstones that honored the twelve tribes of Israel.  Over the years, this concept evolved to signify birth months which people can draw power.  Although the properties are most effective for those born in that particular month, anyone can benefit from a birthstone’s magical properties.

Here are those twelve special gemstones and what they represent:

  • January – Garnet:  The garnet representing January attracts love and romance due it’s striking red hue.  It helps protect the wearer from theft of possession or intellectual property.
  • February – Amethyst:  This birthstone channels calmness, serenity, balance, and peace.  It aids in meditative practice and facilitates healing one’s mind from anxiety or negativity.  Use an amethyst to cleanse your home and work station.
  • March – Aquamarine or Bloodstone:  There are two stones associated with the month of March.  Bloodstone for ancient Romans and Indians helped foster courage and transmute negative thoughts into positive ones.  The wearer had the power to become whatever they aspired to be.  Meanwhile, Aquamarine was used by Ancient Romans to safeguard sailors at sea.  It has been regarded as helping with emotion and mental health by promoting health communication patterns.
  • April – Diamond:  This potent stone heralds success, victory, and strength because of its natural hardness and high financial worth.  It is seen as a sign of devotion and fidelity, and is used in jewelry to reflect eternal love.  Wear this stone to amplify energy and bolstering wealth or abundance.
  • May – Emerald:  This stone promotes mental clarity.  Make sure you don’t wear an emerald constantly as it is believed to overstimulate, especially one’s intellect.  Wear an emerald to improve memory or clear verbal communication, as it helps improve harmony and balance within relationships and one’s family.
  • June – Moonstone or Pearl:  Pearls are a sign of love and can boost affection between lovers.  If you need to improve self-love or ease hard emotions, wear pearl jewelry.  Moonstone is a fitting stone due to its connection to the June zodiac sign of Cancer, which itself is tied to the Moon.  Wear moonstone to increase intuition and place moonstone into your briefcase, purse, wallet, or luggage to avoid items from becoming lost.
  • July – Ruby:  Worn throughout history, rubies help repeal illness and boosts the power of the Sun.  It symbolizes passion and love and serves to reinforce a couple’s commitment to the relationship.  Builders have placed rubies in the foundation of buildings to increase wealth and feelings of peace.
  • August – Peridot:  This stone guards against all evil or dark magic.  Wearers have an increased ability to forgive any resentment. It improves friendships, reduces negative feelings, and boosts a sense of humor.
  • September – Sapphire:  A stone of mental clarity and truth, a sapphire protects our inner most secrets.  The star sapphire is excellent to use to hone concentrations and facilitate alignment with our soul’s journey.
  • October – Opal:  This crystal booster joy and passion in one’s life.  The intense fleck of color within and color remind people of a dancing flame.  Opals infuse wearers with good luck, optimism and hope.
  • November – Golden Topaz:  Wear golden topaz to safeguard travelers and protect from the effects of the evil eye.  This particular shade of topaz reminds us of the Sun’s ray or the Egyptian Sun god Ra.  Use golden topaz to boost friendship and love while enjoying improved energy, strength, and ability to forgive.
  • December – Turquoise:  This stone facilitates greater communication to the spirit realm and improve psychic talents.  South American cultures regarded turquoise for its power.  Wear this stone to focus meditative intentions and protect against evil spirits.