Best Friends and Soulmates

Everyone wants to find true love and they want to be devoted to someone in their life that will bring them happiness. They want to find someone that is unique and different and a special person that will stick with them through all things, good and bad.  They want to find someone that will go to family gatherings with them and will lavish them with special gifts.  They want to find someone to grow old with and to argue with and to have fun with.

When you find this person, then you have made it through the hard part.  There are many dates and going out that will end up as failed relationships and most of us will call our best friend and talk about all the losers that we have dated and how we have a hard time finding the right person.  The truth is your best friend might be your real soulmate and you or him might not even know it!  He might be the perfect person that measures up to all of the guys that you have been looking for.

Here are some ways to tell if your best friend is your soulmate:


If you find that you can talk to your guy friend for hours and about anything, this is a good sign.  Sometimes, you will call them and talk to them about things that you and your girlfriends would normally talk about.  Instead of calling them, you call him, and you tell him everything.  He will care about you and worry about you.  You will be comfortable in talking to him in all situations.

Being Yourself

When you are with your best friend, do you find that you can relax and be who you want to be?  If you are with a boyfriend, you will have to fix up and act a certain way, but with your best guy friend, you find that things are easy.  Your bestie knows what you look like when you are in your pajamas and no makeup on and he will still bring you coffee because he doesn’t care about all of that.

Nobody knows you like your best guy friend does and he will get all of your secrets and thoughts.


When you break up or you have had a hard day, chances are you will go to your best friend.  You will let the tears roll and you will not hold back your crying session.  They will hold you and feel sorry for you and let you express your feelings.

Sometimes, he won’t say anything, and he will just hold you and let you do an ugly cry.

Go-To Person

Your best friend will be your go-to person in all problems.  You will go to him if you have good news or if something exciting happens.  If you have a problem, they will be who you go to.  He will try to fix everything for you.  He will want to fix everything and will do his best to figure out how to.


Anything you ask your guy friend; he will figure out how to give you an answer.  He will give you his opinion and it will matter what he says.  He will know how amazing you are and will respect you and care about you.  He will give you clear confidence in everything you want to do.


Many people have a guy friend that will be their protector.  He will want to protect you like a brother protects his sister.  If anyone picks on you, he will be there, and he will do what he can to make sure you are okay.


Your best friend will support you no matter what you do.  They will do whatever they can to show you that they are for you in all things.


Your best friend will care what you have to say, and he will want to listen to you.  This is a type of communication that is hard to find.  You will know each other’s body language and what you are saying without saying it out loud.  You will be able to read their facial expressions and their thoughts.  No one can communicate like you and him can.


Not only can you communicate, but when one of you is telling a story, the other will finish it.  You will not have to guess what they are going to say because their communication is so easy it is like you are the one saying it.

Fun and Flirting

You will always hang out with your guy friend and you will find things to do that are relaxing.  But, on the other hand, you will also want to have fun and do exciting things.  You will see that he teases you and flirts with you, but you will not see it as flirting.

Standing Out

You and your best friend will always stand out in a big group.  Everyone will know that you are best friends, but they will always think you are more than friends.  They will pick up on things that you are missing, and they will see that your relationship is bigger than you even know.


Your best guy friend will show you the most respect. He will value you and respect you in all of your opinions and thoughts.  He will give you space if you need it and he will always be there to listen.  He will have a deep connection with you and will always be there no matter what.

Breaking Deals

Your best friend will come to a point where you have deals that are broken.  You will be like a match from the very beginning but when you talk about the future, you will feel that you are compatible but that it could be a deal breaker.


Your best friend will always be the one that plans things and wants to get together.  They will make sure that you have things to do that you love to do and things you really like to do.  They will always be connected to you and you will start to wonder if they are y our soulmate.

Fitting In

Your best friend will fit with you perfectly.  They will not be like your other failed boyfriends and relationships; this will be strong and perfect.  You will get along without having to put in effort and you will see that you can love them unconditionally.


When you want to date someone, you look for certain filters from them before the relationship forms.  When you are with your best friend, you will see that there are no red flags and nothing that is questionable.  You will see that your best friend fits all of the things in your life perfectly.


Your best friend will keep all of your secrets and will never shed a word.  They will know that you trust them, and they will never break that trust.  They will share secrets with you, and you will share them with them.


There will always be the possibility that you will move forward with your best friend and you will form a relationship with them.  The thing is that you are afraid that it will ruin your friendship and that it will not work out and you will lose the best person in your life.


When you get along perfectly with someone, why not try being more than friends.  What if you don’t fit romantically or what if the energy is not there?  You will always love them for the things that they do and their little quirks.  You will sometimes start dating them thinking that you are compatible with them but that does not always work out.

Friend Needed

Once you have a strong friend, you want to make sure that it is never going to go away.  You want to make sure that you do not have broken friendships and that you spend time building on this and making it as strong as it can be.  If you don’t’ date your best friend, then you will always still have him at your side.  If you choose to give it a try and things don’t work out, remember that you can lose this strong friendship that you need. Be careful.