Losing Your Spiritual Energy

When you do yoga, you find that there is nothing better that can purify your soul and refresh your energy like yoga and meditation.  When your spirit is leaking, it means that you are not getting enough positive energy in your life and by doing yoga practice, it can become stronger.

Have you ever gone on a retreat where you did yoga or spent the week meditating and you felt very strong and positive for that time?  Did you feel that your life was going to change but then when you return to go home that you find that your energy seems to be gone again?  If so, you are experiencing energy leaks.

When you understand what and where energy leaks are, you can start plugging them up and you will see that you can manage this well.  You will see that the yoga that you have been practicing will give you more power and energy.  Not only are you getting more energy, you are not letting it leak.

When you address these leaks and figure out where they are, you will be able to address them and understand them.  Where are the common energy leaks and what are they?


It is so easy to lose energy when you are too busy.  You do too many things and your plate are too full.  This happens for most humans, but it does not make it any better.  When you realize that you are not creating a container to hold your energy in, you will become exhausted and have holes in your spirit that is letting your energy drain away.  Your mind will tell you that you can’t do less and that you have to get things done, to drink coffee so you won’t be tired, but you will realize this is not working.

You must stop overdoing things and taking on so many responsibilities because they will overtake your life and you will lose your energies.  You have to figure out a better way of living.

You will be proud of yourself when your multi-task, but this actually makes you less effective than you would be if you did one thing at a time.  On top of that, when you do yoga to be healthy, you have to give at least an hour each day and take off a day a week in order to rest.  Taking a day off does not mean sitting in the office and looking at emails and texts, it means that you do unscheduled things that are fun and free.  You spend time in nature, go for walks, call your friends, visit your loved ones or something else that is fun.  Go and explore the world around you and see what kind of creative energy you can get into.


Another place that we lose our energy is when we get a disease.  This can be something in your life that can be hard to deal with or even disabling.  When you have a condition that is chronic, you will focus on this disease and base your mind on your self-image.


One thing that people lose energy over is their strong emotions.  Emotions are very important but when they begin to rule your life, you are buying into allowing your energy to be lost.  You will blame yourself for your feelings and blame others.

When you are angry and you say things that you want to take back, it is too late.  This is emotional reactivity.  When you do things such as walking, exercising or dancing, your feelings will not be able to own you and you will have better feelings about who you are.  When you have these intense emotions, you have to figure out where they are coming from and if you are hurt or angry because of something in your past.  You have to not let words of others hurt you or be upset if someone doesn’t like you.

When you keep your heart open, you will know pain when someone talks to you badly or when your emotions are strong, but this is okay.  You have to see this as a good thing and let it go.

The other part of emotions is just being around presence of people.  Everyone needs to do this and then when strong emotions come, you will react differently, and they won’t harm you.  Emotional reactivity needs to be learned so we can be stronger and better inside.

Natural Presence

Sometimes people live strictly in their mind and they do not really know what it means to be alive.  They stay in a fantasy land and they do not live in their natural state.  They think of their future and what might happen, and they become stressed and anxious.  They want things to be good and they remember their past mistakes and the bad things that have happened and what they should have done differently.  There are different ways that you can view thing without regret and anger towards yourself.

Humans are terrible at predicting how they will feel even when they think about the future.  They are bad at remembering the past as it really happened, and they have a hard time expressing what they have experienced without getting lost in their past feelings.  Sometimes, they will want to look at data and distract themselves and what they are feeling.  They might work puzzles or play a game or read a book to stay calm and then this gets them lost in their thoughts.  Remembering pasts and thinking about the future is okay, but you have to not let it control you.

Opinions and Beliefs

When you believe things, it is hard to listen and believe in other things.  Sometimes when you think you know something or you don’t know if you know anything, you have to figure out what you believes and opinions really are.  You have to do this without being afraid and you need to be able to experience what you are feeling inside.  Having believes does not always cause your energy to leak, it only happens when you are not able to be open minded and you are holding on only to your own opinion.

When you are convinced that you are the only one that knows anything then this can cause you to have energy leaks.  When you learn to acknowledge that someone else might be right, you will stop these leaks.


All of our life, we have intimate and other types of relationships.  This can be getting to know someone new or being with someone for a long period of time.  When you hang out with someone and are always wondering what they really want, then you will see that you are stressed and not being able to commit the relationship.  You need to set boundaries and stop your energy leak.

The best way to do this is to communicate with one another but this is hard for many people because some people cannot openly express what they are feeling.  It doesn’t help when you are negative about what the other person is doing, and finger pointing is never a good option.  You have to figure out what you want and what boundaries you are going to set to keep the energy in the relationship,

Sometimes communication isn’t the answer and sometimes you have to stop being afraid of letting go and end the relationship.  By being afraid to do this, you will create an energy leak.  Walk away and see how much better you feel.