How to Harness Powers of Intuition

If you have ever had a feeling and it turned out to be real, this means that you might have intuition and the interesting thing is that you are not alone.  Having intuition means that you have information but no logical evidence to back it up.  The information comes from a gut feeling and is often times called the sixth sense.

Many people get a mysterious insight that they cannot explain, and this is an unconscious part of life that people either believe in or they don’t.


Many people have studied intuition and have found that there are insights behind the awareness and even though there is no true proof, people all over the world believe in it.


Some people believe that intuition is a gift, but the truth is that it isn’t something we are born with, but it is something that we learn and the more we practice the better we can get at it.

One person talked about how intuition is a special field just as playing ball or learning to do math well.  The idea that it comes form inside is false and even though it is hard to imagine, the more you practice this insight the more you are able to tune into it and learn how to do it.  Studies show that the brain is responsible for having intuition.


There are two ways that the brain gets information and one is called cold cognition and the other is called hot cognition.  Cold is slower and is more logical than hot and it is a way that we are able to take facts and data and to learn them and to come to a real conclusion.

With hot cognition, a person uses the instincts that are naturally in them and they use the information that we are not even aware of.

Intuition is a feeling and our emotions react to all situations and this does not mean that we are not using our mind at this time, sometimes it is just slow while other times it can be fast.

This does not mean that we have actions that are irrational or ones that are not real, what it means is that we are processing information based on patterns and being able to predict things.

When intuitive people buy things, they are happier in the long run because they use research in order to do this and do not just go with their gut feeling.


One of the biggest things that we feel is our subconscious and the information that our body sees and feels.  Our mind is always filtering things and deciding what information is important and what tasks that people have to do.

Our intuition will be full of data and we have to realize that we can determine things through our subconscious by picking up cues from the environment around us.  This is not just our mind that is working but the signals from those around us that give us awareness.

Sweaty Palms and Fast Heartbeat

Studies show that people that are asked to draw cards from decks that were rigged where one will win and one will lose, the players will already know what is going on.  They even have signs of sweaty palms and their heart rate goes up. This is because there is a subconscious feeling that people have.

Research found that people are able to predict winning and losing by the way that their heart races.

Telling the Future

Some scientists have studied things about the body and found that our body is aware of things that are going on around us and that we are able to predict things before they happen.

A participant will react to certain visions, images or things going on around them and they will react before things are said or things are done, and this is called presentiment.

Some believe that even when people are given images to look at, that they can pick one that fits the situation and they will have involuntary responses before they are even given an image.  This allows them to “see” into the future.

Developing Intuition

Even without science, here are some ways you can increase your intuition:

  • This is something we aren’t born with, but we can learn.
  • This is a reliable source of thinking.
  • This is something you feel in your body.

This gift is amazing even if it is really just a skill.  Here are some ways that you can increase this skill and use it in your life.


Your body will tell you when something isn’t right and when something is going on.  Be aware of what your body is feeling and focus your attention on what you feel in your body.

When you are breathing, focus on how your muscles feel and how you are feeling inside.  Check this each day and pay attention to the signals that your body feels.  You might sweat or feel nervous, pay attention to this.

Being Still

Take time to be still and to make sure that you are listening to the voice inside of you.   There are things going on in our minds always and if we are quiet then we can learn to focus on what our body is saying to us.

Analyze all of your problems and learn to relax and breathe and take time to be still.  This will help you to notice any signals when they come.

Play Games

Practice some games by flexing your mind.  You can do this by doing the coin flip guessing game or guessing which elevator will make it down first.  Use pictures and try to guess which one you will turnover.

Use your feelings in your body and your mind to try to play guessing games.  Pay attention to what your body is feeling.  Play games like casino games or poker to test your attention span.

Use your intuition in small ways without letting stress come.

Follow Your Feelings

Once you quiet your mind, learn to listen.  Put your intuition on the front line and practice how things will go.  Practice being aware when you are talking to someone and when you are sitting still.  Pay attention to how your body feels and when you are going out for the day.

Learn how to listen to your body and to make good decisions.  Let your feelings and your intuitive senses help you to make good decisions.

Notice how you feel when you make both good and bad decisions.


As you practice your intuition, learn to try it with different areas in your life.  Listen to your inner guidance and see your skills and learn how to rely on them to make decision.

When you have big decisions in your life, pay attention to yourself and see what you should and shouldn’t do.  Trust what your feelings are and trust that you are the only one that really knows what is best for you.

Don’t let others make decisions for you but learn to trust yourself.  Follow your own path.