11 Ways You Know You Met Your Life Partner

  1. BFFS

Who is the person you can’t wait to see at the end of a long day?  No matter what is occurring in your life if you know you enjoyable time with your lover and you can depend on them then you may have found your life partner.  Life partners always view time together as an adventure and naturally feel they can be their truest selves with each other.  You share inside jokes and know just how to make each other belly laugh.  You are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and support system.  Together you both feel confident you can overcome any obstacle.

  1. Secrets Don’t Exist

You can tell each other everything and anything.  They are the first person you want to share any bit of news with.  Even after long days at work you have dynamics conversations that serve to recharge your souls, but can also be comfortable sitting in shared silence.  With a life partner you never worry about what you want to share with them.  Sure, things could be difficult to discuss, but you know they will never judge you and they will work their hardest to understand your point of view.

  1. You have healthy arguments that end with solutions!

You guys might not always see eye-to-eye, but you always work through any disagreement.  You know that arguments can be important ways for you to grow as individuals and as a couple.  You realize when miscommunications occur because of a build-up of stress, but you work together to understand the problem(s) and create mutually-beneficial solutions.

  1. They put in sincere effort into the relationship

Life partners always walk their talk.  They will go out of their way to show their love how much they care about them and the relationship.  They can make any day feel like a special occasion or a holiday.  If you have a rough week, this person will put forth more effort to make you smile like cook a fancy meal or write you a love note.  Even when you both are together for years, they will work hard to make you still feel like you are in the honeymoon phase, because you mean that much to them!

  1. They are comfortable with you, but not lazy!

Life partners always feel confident to be their truest self around their partner, but not to the extend they fail to put in the effort.  You bring out the best in each other, by motivating each other to stay healthy, grounded and focused.

  1. Your happiness matters

When life is unkind to you, your life partner will go out of their way to make things better.  You know they are always your biggest fans and strongest supporter.  They balance your need for alone time, time with them, and time with other loved ones.  They focus on what is in your best interest and actively work to help you achieve every one of your goals.

  1. You fully trust them

You know there is nothing that they would do to betray your love and loyalty.  Even if they are away on a trip for days, you know that they are counting the minutes that they can come home to you.  Even when they might make a mistake in life, you know your love will pull out the stops to ensure things are made right and this problem never occurs again.

  1. You only have eyes for each other

What you have together is special, powerful and passionate.  Neither of you would ever do anything to jeopardize your bond.  You are both faithful and loyal to one another because you are confident in your love and never want a second of it to stop

  1. You feel whole

In this love you wouldn’t change a thing!  Nothing is missing.  Even the messy bits feel perfect and necessary.  Even in your darkest moments, knowing you share this love gives you hope and light.  Together you feel like you can conquer the world.

  1. You can’t imagine life without them

The very thought of something causing them harm or sadness makes your stomach drop.  Life with them is special and magical and gets you through the toughest of times.

  1. Your love is magical

There is no games with other, just pure respect and love.  Your bond feels natural and magnetic.  This person is your lover, best friend, fan, safe haven, and inspiration.  Together you feel you can achieve any goal, experience any adventure and weather any storm – side by side!