Manifesting Love

There are often times where psychics are faced with clients that are wondering if they will ever find love.  If this is you, you are not alone.

Helping Love Happen

Everyone should practice things everyday in order to increase their chances of love.  One thing to do is to make sure that you trust yourself.  You need to always know what path to be on and to not be too busy to listen to your own gut feelings.  Learn to trust yourself.

Moving Forward

All of us will face hard situations and depending on what happens can decide if you dwell in the past or if you are strong enough to move on.  If you decide to live in the past, chances are that it will repeat itself until you learn to take a hold of it and not let it control you.  If you learn to move on, you will be a stronger person.


We need to know what we believe, and we need to believe good things.  If we feel that we are not good enough or no one can love us, then we will give up on love because we won’t feel like it is right for us.  Take time to figure out what kind of beliefs that you have that are wrong and work at making them right.

Love Yourself

You need to make sure that you get rid of bad thoughts and feelings, especially ones from the past.  Don’t ask yourself questions about how you can be hurt, tell yourself that you are enough and that you are lovable and accepted.

Feeling Alone?

If you are feeling alone, know that this is not true and you are never really alone.  You should surround yourself with people that love you and know that you are with people that have died and that love you still in spirit.  Make sure you listen to receive love from these people.

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