How psychic ability works

Although psychic ability and intuition are available to us all, some individuals are born with natural gifts or talents. Several psychics say they used to have some kind of paranoia when they were young and decided to practice and develop them.  Others learn through trying distinct tools, like tarot or astrology, while others just find themselves falling into an advisor role over time. These are the kind of family members who can communicate with pets or know what other members of the family are thinking. Or they are those individuals who seem to offer the best advice.

Several psychics are grouped into 4 categories:

  • Clairvoyance: using the mind’s eye to see the information.
  • Clairaudience: hearing of information inside one’s mind.
  • Claircognizance: knowing information immediately.
  • Several psychics use all of these abilities when getting information from a client.

Where does the information come from?

Research indicates that there is a common, unfield energy that all energy shares.  Everything about us and all that we possess is made up of energy. We are also aware that different dimensions exist through science and mathematics. We reside in the third dimension. The 4th, 5th dimensions cannot be seen by physical eyes. But can be accessed using a psychic ability.

Other intuitive access the Akashic Records, the wide fifth-dimensional database of all soul’s choices. Past life information is stored here. This is usually done through clairvoyance or Claircognizance.

Other psychics are also likely to channel your spirit guides, angels or a specific guide or guide team. These beings have access to wisdom and understanding from divine sources and also exist in other dimensions.

Psychics may decide to use their “Clair” of choice or use tools such as tarot cards, to read and organize intuitive information. Several psychics will use many methods depending on the question asked by the client or how they are guided by their guides.

What can a psychic predict or know?

we have come to believe that psychics can break down the future and deliver predictions so that you are aware of when and how things will happen.

However, how about free will? Is the future set such that somebody can read what’s in store without your consent?

Definitely NO. you have choices and free will at your disposal. You are either making choices or living out the outcomes of choices that your soul has made in a past life or the present. There is no existence of a fixed future. Therefore, nobody can tell you what the future holds.

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