Causes of a Black Aura in Good People

Many people believe that a black aura means that a person or something in them is evil. While it can be true that a black aura means there is likely a problem and possibly evil, but it can also mean the person simply has some inner issues like depression that need resolved. Even awesome people get down and have a dark aura at times, it does not mean they are terrible people. This can be caused by something like feeling negative or hopeless and even hate. This of the book Winnie the Pooh in which the character Eeyore likely had a dark aura. He was not mean, just extremely down and sad. This happens because we are human and sometimes negativity gets the best of us. Still, there are specific reasons that will be shared below to explain what may cause a black aura and what it can mean.

Spiritual Alarm

The truth is that we sometimes feel more like it is raining on our lives than the sun shining through. We are each energetic, spiritual beings and this energy comes out in different ways. One way is through the electromagnetic field that is known as our aura. The colors of our aura then reflect our physical and emotional energy state. If someone who reads or sees aura, sees black, it is not need to panic. Instead, it can serve as an alarm or a warning. It signals you to ask for help. When you discover part of your aura is black, something is off track and needs corrected. This means you are not happy. Our aura colors are affected by out thoughts, feelings, and overall vibe. If you feel negative, your aura will reflect that and can cloud up the other colors that are normally present.

Causes of a Black or Cloudy Aura

One reason we may end up with a black aura is not being able to forgive someone. When we hold onto grudges and refuse to forgive, it can harden our hearts which sends out negative vibrations into the world. This can cause a black or dark aura. While it can be difficult to forgive at times, that lack of forgiveness can harm us without affecting the other person in any way. We must learn to let it go.

Another reason that we may end up with a black aura is grief. Grief over a lost loved one, a divorce, or even poor health can cause a black aura. Depending on how broken up you are over the loss, the aura may range from dark black to a grayish color.

Much like not forgiving, a lack of willingness to let go of negative feelings and believing we are justified in holding onto those feelings can affect the aura. We are meant to be forgiving and loving in our natural state. Find a way to let go and return to a calmer, happier state.

One of the big causes of a dark or black aura is depression or hurt. Depression can be a serious illness and it can affect the aura. It takes work and a new perspective to let go of what cannot be changed and put happiness first so you can live up to your true essence. Take time to practice healthy self-care to get back on track. Additionally, feeling hopeless can negatively affect the aura. When feeling hopeless, if your aura is murky or black, it is a signal to rebalance yourself.

A final cause of a dark or black aura can be simply being cold and cranky. If you develop compassion and empathy first for yourself then others then it will lighten up your life and aura. Find real meaning for your life that overshadows your negativity.


Having some black or grey within your aura doe not mean you are horrible and will continue with that aura color for life. We all get negative at times, especially when life is hard. As we learn to release the negative emotions, our aura will emit a brighter light.