Your Crystal Healing Guide

Crystals have immense energetic power. Their vibrations can initiate, balance, clear and restore energy flow. As well as protect people from negative forces. Each crystal, including every rock or mineral possess unique energy frequencies and patterns. When we tap into the vitality of nature’s energy, we strengthen our bond to the Earth and Universe. This is way crystals have a nourishing benefit to our bodies and surrounding environment.

Throughout history people’s connection and wonderment of crystalline power has been well documented. Ancient culture used crystals as decorations and amulets for both the physical body and their homes due their impressive healing abilities. Renowned individuals such as Napoleon and Leonardo da Vinci swore to the magical properties of the crystals they treasured.

Since crystal and human connections have existed through recorded history, we possess ample knowledge of the variety of stones, their uses and their benefits. Discovering the crystal that is best for your situations is so simple, it is said that crystals often find you. Notice how and why a crystal resonates with you. Did you pick up for its look or how it made you feel while in your hand. If you don’t want to return it to the shelf, then be assured, this mineral was meant for you.

Often a person selecting a crystal will report a change in their hand’s temperature as they hold a stone. This could mean noticing the object becomes warm or cool to the tough. This is caused by the crystal’s energy becoming attuned to your energetic vibrations. Since stones have a spiritual consciousness, they can select how, where, when and why they will be used. Be aware crystals commonly move or “fall” of something after their complete their job. This is why crystals become “misplaced” in the days following a ritual. If you are ever in any doubt as to how to use a crystal, at it directly or use its color to tap into the power of the corresponding chakra. Trust your intuition.

  • How to use quartz
    Sit comfortably and place a piece of quartz in your left hand. Focus on how the energy is being exchanged between the rock and your hand. Breathe deeply and picture dragging your breath through your fingertips and into your quartz. When you feel a shift in temperature or notice a tingling this signifies your connection.
    Place your left hand over your heart. Your crystal is now able to aid in your healing journey. Tell the quartz what its job will be. For example, “please allow more joy to enter my life each day.” Once you employ your crystal it erases any previous task it might have done and will continue its duty until it’s told otherwise. If you want the crystal to benefit someone else, then repeat this ritual, but hold the quartz in your right hand.
  • Use tourmaline, hematite and obsidian to improve focus and grounding.
  • Recruit bloodstone, carnelian and agate to ease digestion, elimination, and maladies associated with the stomach, intestines, and kidneys.
  • Choose citrine to improve your sense of empowerment and sexual energy flow.
  • Trust rose quartz, emerald and aventurine to balance your emotional stability.
  • Opt for turquoise, blue sapphire to enhance your creative and communicative processes.
  • Select lapis lazuli, amethyst, and clear quartz to facilitate greater spiritual or psychic ability and hone wisdom.
  • Diamonds help create a bounty of joy and abundance in your life.