FAQs About Mediums

If you’ve never consulted with a medium before, you probably don’t know what to expect. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about psychics.

What’s the Difference Between Mediums and Psychics?

Simply put, all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. It works the same way as surgeons and doctors. All surgeons are doctors, but not all doctors are surgeons.

Mediums are specialists. Psychics can tune into the energy field or “aura” of the person they’re doing the reading for. A medium can do this, too. But mediums are also able to tune into energy fields of people no longer in the physical realm. They can actually connect not only with spirits who have crossed over, but also spirits who are still earthbound—typically referred to as “ghosts.”

In most cases, mediums can only connect with one type of spirit or the other, and it’s usually those who have crossed over into the spiritual realm. A true medium can connect with the spirits of those who have very recently passed. They should be able to connect with your loved ones and friends who have passed to deliver very detailed and specific information about them and about you.

People who claim to channel spiritual entities, guides, and angels are not necessarily mediums in the truest sense of the word. There are many fakes and frauds, as well as psychics who claim to be mediums but are not. Reputable mediums will clearly state their fees. Please be careful and read testimonials. Not all psychics are equal!

What Special Abilities do Mediums Have?

A medium may be clairvoyant, which literally means “clear seeing.” Clairvoyants can see images that the spirits show them. They can be clairaudient, which means “clear hearing.” Clairaudients can hear spirits speaking to them telepathically, in their thoughts. They may hear people’s names or nicknames, the names of places, and other more general words. Some spirits quite literally speak to and have conversations with clairaudients.

Mediums can be clairsentient, which means they can feel or sense emotions, injuries, or pains that spirits had while they were in their physical bodies. Some can also sense spirits’ personalities, like if they had a sassy sense of humor, or were very stern or serious, or were depressed, and so on. They can be clairalient, which means that they can sense particular smells that would have been significant to spirits. A medium can be remote viewers, which means they can psychically tune in to the energy of a remote place or person elsewhere in the physical realm, and sense what’s happening there. Finally, a medium can be a medical intuitive, which means they can receive wellness and health information related to the physical body in a reading.

How Should I Prepare For a Reading?

FAQs About Mediums

If you want the best possible experience and reading, try to prepare some questions for the reader, or have a specific focus in mind for your reading. That focus could be current situations in life related to work, health, or love. Or perhaps you desire to connect with loved ones in the spiritual realm. Once the reading begins, allow for the spirits to guide the process and the reading. Your medium can’t control the spiritual realm. You can’t, either.

Who Dictates the Flow of a Reading?

The most important thing to remember about this process is that the spirit world doesn’t yield to the logical laws and rules that we live by in the physical realm. This is not a logical, rational process. There’s a completely different set of natural laws that govern the spiritual realm. They’re very different from the way things operate in the physical realm.

Nobody in the physical realm has control over this process. It’s not possible to control the energy of the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm has full control over the process. The medium is only the translator or the messenger. Any attempts to direct or control the process, the information that comes through, or the spirits themselves, will only impede the flow of energy. This will have an adverse effect on your experience. It may even make it impossible for the medium to continue with the reading.

If the person seeking the reading is especially controlling, demanding, or ungrateful, the spirits may simply stop communicating, forcing the medium to cut the reading short. It’s crucial to be open to receive whatever spirit and whichever information comes through. The medium always trusts that whomever and whatever is coming through is the most important thing for the client to hear at this specific point in their life. Messages and information may seem insignificant at the time of the reading but often has a major impact at some point in the future. So keep your mind open!

What If the Reading Doesn’t Make Sense?

It’s very common for at least some of the information that comes through to not make sense to a client at the time of the reading. So do your homework. Ask your friends and family about the unknown information you heard in your reading. And regarding the things you can’t validate right away: keep your mind open and be patient. Sooner or later things will make sense to you. I promise.

A Final Bit of Advice

You don’t need me to connect with your loved ones. They hear you and see you. They can connect with you whenever they want to. Don’t be alarmed if you see them or hear from them. They’re not “stuck” here on the physical plane, and they’re not being denied access to heaven. They’re simply visiting with you.

If you want to hear from them and see them, you should pay more attention to your dreams. It’s relatively easy for your loved ones to visit you there. You also need to learn how to be receptive, still, and quiet, and don’t be afraid. Practice often and you may hear from them and see them. Ordinary everyday people frequently tell me of the experiences they’ve had of hearing from and seeing their loved ones who have passed. All that’s required is for you to pay attention, release your fears, and believe!