A Starters Guide to Automatic Writing

Usually, we find ourselves going through writings to find out information about something

Writing is capable of being a very healing process for some people when it comes to issues that deal with the heart, and one mind.

Automatic writing, also known as channeling, is usually used by psychics and clairvoyants to represent messages from their subconscious minds to the real world

If properly and carefully done, it’s capable of giving us a great look into our lives and boosts the connection between ourselves and the spiritual world.

The Ability to understand within and beyond what we can see.

Hollywood films depict automatic writing in a negative manner. It involves a very scary psychic, writing down messages on a page in a disturbing manner. Interestingly enough, this is almost right.

To say the truth, if there is a bad feeling about automatic writing, then it’s possible that you’re interfering with forces that you shouldn’t.

It should leave you feeling relaxed and with a lot of important information is properly done.

How to do automatic Writing:

Automatic writing is a very powerful method used by psychics to add strength to their spiritual abilities.

Some individuals engage in it when they need to get in touch with their cherished one or acquire spiritual assistance when the need arises.

For instance, if you’re a novice psychic, automatic writing is probably the best way for you to improve your skills and make strong your connection to the spiritual world.

If you’re thinking about psychic sessions with an expert or just automatic writing, please consider some of the below pieces of advice.

Automatic WritingDo away with anything that will draw away your attention:

Leave all other issues behind. This gives you the chance to open your soul, consult your inner self and see far beyond. For instance, switching off all electronics and setting up a comfortable work environment where you can freely operate.

Connect with a specifically unique spiritual being.

Calling on specific spirits for guidance is common for some individuals. They just call out their names or write them down on paper.

Getting in touch with the spirit at this moment is key to ensure you remain in connectivity with them throughout the session. It allows your innersole to speak of the truth.

Set your mind free

This may not be instant, but very important for automatic writing. Due to the nature of our minds, they are always working, so it may not be easy to switch this off and allow spiritual thoughts to take charge. However, there is a method that one can use to achieve this.

Carrying out meditation is one brilliant way of clearing your mind

Do not clear your mind far too long before the session, but its key to remain aware of your environment during the session. It does help prevent your normal thoughts from mixing with the message being delivered, messing up the whole session.

Never focus or try to understand what you’re doing.

Keep your mind free and clear during automatic writing. Trying to make sense out of whatever your writing might be very tempting, however it could interfere with the whole psychic process.  Let the spiritual forces guide your hands as you move them left to right, on the page.

Whatever it is you write, it doesn’t have to have an instant meaning.

Automatic writing is a form of psychic and psychic audience, takes practice. It’s same to a radio picking up waves. You have to try to get the right frequency for it to work.

It is possible to pick up chunks of messages at a time. There is a lot of disturbance especially when our mind gets distracted.

Don’t give up when you find out that the gibberish you jolted down makes no sense at all. Trust me, with time it gets better and stronger.

These spirits we consult for guidance sometimes use metaphors; therefore always try to understand the inner meaning as well.

Differentiating between automatic writing and free flow writing: how to know if you’re setting up a connection with the spirits:

Almost everyone has carried out something clear to automatic writing, especially in school.

Automatic writing enables us to set our minds free of interference so that we can acquire a deeper meaning and understanding. The same method is utilized in what is called free flow writing or brain dump.

Involvement of supernatural powers in automatic writing is a major difference.

The normal mind vs the semiconscious

The major difference between channeling and free writing is that normal writing makes use of normal thought while automatic writing uses the subconscious mind. Free flow writing is characterized by processing and analyzing what one is writing, and the message portrayed is inclined towards emotions and other issues.

The rational minds step aside during automatic writing, and the spiritual self takes charge. Never think about what you’re writing so as not to interfere with the process.

Physical experience

With some, it’s normal to feel their hands being moved across the page, and for others, it’s just a case of unique energy originating from within them.

Again for others, they will feel like some kind of spiritual being take charge of their bodies and enter their minds and only realize their writings after they come back to their senses.

Variations in Style or voices

The methods of writing are very different as well. It is artistic and may use metaphors and can sometimes reveal very sensitive information that your normal mind hadn’t thought of before.

The main cause of this is the use of a different being determines the voice and message passed.

Take a shot at automatic writing. Depending on whether you want to try this with a real psychic or just at home, it’s a great way to get in touch with the spiritual world and find a lot of answers.

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