Dealing with a psychic vampire

Psychic vampires also referred to as energy vampires, consume energies of others around them for their survival. At times it’s not intentional, but they have been doing it for so long, they have forgotten how to generate their own energies. It’s possible they hide their intentions but most of the time they are usually easy to spot.

Below are a few ways in which you can block them off:

  1. Maintain regular meditations

Meditation helps you channel energy from the universe into your body, enabling you to increase your vibration and blocking the vampires from stealing your energy. They improve your brain and helps you face reality much better.

  1. Keep your smile on

Sounds weird but the truth is, sharing a smile off with someone shares positive energy with them as well and shuts down their sinister motive as most of them do expect this kind of response. These vampires feel uneasy among people with high vibration, mainly due to jealousy.

  1. Avoid conversations with them

If your efforts to help them turn out to be futile, then you have to cut the interaction. This might seem unfair more so if they are friends or family but it reaches a point where one has to carry the responsibility of their own energy.

  1. Keep the talk all positive when around them

Statements like “nothing can bring me down” can play a major role when around such people. Such statements will raise your energy when others intend to bring you down.

  1. Overpower their negativity by shining so brightly

Some of these vampires do not realize when they take other peoples energies. Therefore not all of them are malicious or have bad motives. They just need to be shown some love and support. We are all able to help each other, so at times we should try and understand their situations and support them.

  1. Try to help them

Some of them could use a helping hand getting back on track. Listen to them, understand them or even refer them to professional help.

  1. Keep your energy clean

After meeting these vampires, remember to cleanse your energy to keep off the vampire’s energy from stealing them. Meditate often. Carry out physical exercises, eat healthily and practice self-love.

  1. Maintain your vibration at high frequency

This will help with blocking the vampires’ attempt to steal your energy. Practice self-care and love, exercise, meditate, eat healthily and ask the universe for healing energy as well and do away with unnecessary stress.

  1. Never feel sorry for these individuals

They seek attention and want to be recognized, don’t fall for it. They go after empathic people since they are easy targets. You don’t have to carry the burden of responsibility for everyone being happy. Everyone must learn to possess positive thoughts if they wish to have a good life.

  1. Consume a very healthy meal

Providing your body and mind with the right nutrients in order to thrive will help you protect your energy. Enjoy whole foods, plant-based diets, and enough calories to sustain you. This will place you in a better situation to deal with these energy suckers.

  1. Spare plenty of your time to recharge

Spare some time alone for yourself to replenish the energy. Staying every moment with these vampires is a very exhaustive activity. Yoga, meditation, exercise, enjoy some music helps replenish energy.

Just remember that not all energy vampires are malicious and some of them just need help and guidance. They may lack someone to support them so let’s offer a helping hand and end up with a planet of empowered people.