Connecting with a Loved One on the Other Side

Losing a loved one is a sad, yet necessary part of life. It is important to remember that just because your loved one has passed on; it does not mean they are lost forever. They are still around, just their spirit has moved onto a different realm. It is possible to reach out and reconnect in different ways, which will be shared below.


Dreaming allows us to slip into the subconscious that is connected to the spiritual realm. Loved ones often visit in dreams as a way to reconnect after passing on. If you want to communicate with a friend or family member in this way, speak the words out loud inviting them in. Let them know you are open to connecting.

You may wonder if the dream is your imagination at work or an actual visit, this is a common concern. Dreams that are psychic in nature are usually vivid and realistic as opposed to a dreamworld. Faces and words are often very clear.

If using dreams to communicate, keep a dream journal so you do not forget everything as soon as you wake up. Keep the journal by your bed and write, draw, or whatever as soon as you wake up to keep the memory fresh.


Spirits will struggle to communicate if you are constantly distracted. When we lose a loved one many try to stay distracted and busy to avoid grief, but these distractions keep us from connecting. There are many things that can cause interruptions, phones, television, traffic lights, etc.

Dedicate a corner of your living area for silence and clear the area of any distractions. In this silence, you can establish a connection. Spend time here each day with your eyes closed in silence with your mind open to be open to receiving messages from the other side.

Sense Enhancement

Sometimes, your loved one is already reaching out, but you are not sensitive to their messages. Our senses are tuned to the physical realm, but spirits are much more subtle in their touch or speaking. You may sense a soft whisper or light, comforting touch while grieving, but if you are not paying attention or not being sensitive to such things, they may be missed.

Since humans rely most on their sense of sight, other senses may not be as strong. Build up senses by blindfolding yourself and trying to identify all your surrounding sounds. Perhaps even have a friend cook an unknown dish and try to taste the different ingredients. Practice this often.


Though it seems obvious, sometimes you simply need to ask your relative to speak to you. There are endless amounts of signs from the spirit world, but being familiar with the signs can help. Keep your eyes and other senses tuned into your loved one’s favorite things. You may start hearing their favorite song play everywhere or smell a hint of perfume that they loved. This is a sign.

Numbers and number sequences are also a way of communication. Continually seeing a sequence, like their birthday, in different ways can be them reaching out. Malfunctioning electronics are also often a sign. Things like flickering lights, objects going missing or moved around the home, or even sudden, unexplainable goosebumps can indicate a spirit nearby.

Significant Days

Spirits are able to connect on any day, but pay extra attention on special days related to your loved one. Birthdays and anniversaries are most obvious, but even special occasions like graduations and births are important as well. During these days it is easier to establish a connection. Spend some silent time along and talk to the person, inviting them in as your senses are alert to messages.

Loved Objects

Special objects that belonged to your loved ones not only serve as a reminder of their life, but can help you connect to their spirit. The objects absorb energy while they are alive and strengthens communication after passing.

Hold an object, or two, that was meaningful and then close your eyes, inviting them in to talk to you. The item will help you connect. Choose a special object, but anything metal will retain the most energy. Anything frequently used by that person will hold their energy. While jewelry is the most commonly chosen, any personal items like clothes, journals, a favorite blanket, or book can work just as well.


The easiest way to connect with a loved one who has passed on is with the help of a professional medium. Mediums have special abilities, one of which is to converse easily with the spiritual realm. If you have been unsuccessful on your own then this may be the best option.