My Guide To Avoid Psychic Frauds

       I would like to discuss the hot topic of psychic fraud to explain what is real and what is not when it comes to true psychic ability. I have been a psychic my entire life and God has gifted me with this ability. However, I have spoken with many clients who have been manipulated, sometimes in very severe ways, by fraudulent psychics. In this essay I will inform you of what to watch out for when you come across psychics that are just trying to take your money away.


SEEKING ADVICE DUE TO HARDSHIP OR PAIN: Usually people who are seeking psychic advice are vulnerable and are experiencing some sort of hardship in their life. They want to know what the future may hold for them, whether it is regarding a relationship, career, health, or other issues. They need a psychic to tell them yes or no about their issue. A true psychic can “see” into the future but cannot change it for you! Some psychics will ask for $2,000 to $10,000 and say they will pray for you and bring a person back to you (using candles, incense). It is important to realize that a psychic can’t “change” things. People are going to do their own will. We can’t go against spirit or free will. You can buy your own candle and pray to God. If it isn’t meant to be, then ask God to give you the strength to move forward. If a psychic has to pray for you, the answer is probably “no.” They just want to get really high money out of you. Praying is something you can do on your own. Some psychics know what’s going to happen but they say they will pray for you to take advantage of you and make money anyway. Never pay a psychic for candles and oils and prayers. Is that psychic walking with God and praying for good spirits to come into your life, or is that psychic praying for the devil and bringing MORE misery into your life?

EXAMPLE OF PSYCHIC FRAUD: There was one client of mine who was totally in love with a woman. The woman was very sick and he needed to let her go. In about three months I felt she was going to die. It tore this man up. He went to another psychic and said to him, “she’s really in love with you but because of her sickness she is cloudy. If you pay me $2,500 I will take this sickness off her mind and she will come back to you.” She said she would do the prayers and take all the evilness away from the woman. Well, three months later the woman did die. Kitty was right. This other psychic took advantage of the man’s heartache.

BEHAVIOR FROM A TRUE CARING PSYCHIC: When I had a ceramic shop in Fresno, CA I was drawn to go to this one restaurant to eat every night. I looked at the owner of the restaurant one day and was drawn to reading him. So I read him and I went clairvoyant. The table raised up a bit. I looked at him and said “three years ago you were read by a psychic and she told you to pay her money because you were going to lose everything. You didn’t pay her anything and looked at her crazy and walked out. The psychic got mad because you didn’t give her money. She brought much negativity into your life because of this.” The man confirmed that his life did start going downhill after that. He and his wife were going to get a divorce and he was losing money, etc. That psychic was into black magic and she put bad karma on this man, in my opinion.

After I told him this the man asked me how much did I want for my reading? I said, “I don’t want a dime, I just want to help you.” So I later went to his home and I could see clairvoyantly that this man had vines wrapped all around him. As I prayed to God, I could see all these vines unwrapping from his body. It was all released. In a year’s time he ended up buying his restaurant and the parking lot and his whole life just completely turned around. This illustrates that a psychic who is loving and caring is not going to take money from a person in this man’s situation. Taking money like that is showing greed – it’s not coming from the heart. This is just awful. It is not honest and it should come to an end!

SEEKING TO COMMUNICATE WITH A LOVED ONE WHO HAS DIED: Another reason people seek out psychics is because they want to communicate with a loved one who has died. It is important to understand that spirits will only stay around the earth plane if they have a message for their loved one. And it’s a message that the person would not already know. However, once a spirit has gone on to the other side there is no way there will be any messages conveyed from them. Some psychics will ask to be paid around $2,000 and they claim they will talk to a spirit. No psychic can guarantee this! Please do not be fooled by these false promises of spirit communication. Trust me, you will know if there is a true message that you need to know about. But you should never have to pay any psychic that much money to get the message.

SEEKING LOTTERY NUMBERS: Now let’s discuss the issue of lottery numbers. If psychics truly had the winning numbers, they would be doing it themselves and winning all the money. Why would they give them out? If you go to a psychic who claims they have special numbers for you or that they’re going to help you win the lottery, it is a total scam! Even if you did pay a psychic for numbers, there’s no guarantee if you’re going to win anything. So please, do not fall for this one either!

PAYING A PSYCHIC FOR PRAYERS: Another common occurrence of psychic fraud is dealing with prayers. You can do prayers yourself. Prayer is a very confidential thing between you and God. You don’t need a middle person involved. When you go to a psychic and they say they will do “prayers” for you, you are giving your power away and putting the psychic on a higher level than you. Psychics are not better than you and they are not better than God! Psychics are simply just people with the gift of sight, but otherwise we are no different than you! God would be more honored to have you talk to him yourself than to have someone else do it. When Kitty says she will pray for someone she always tells them to pray for themselves as well. Two people praying is more powerful than one.

You don’t need a psychic to pray for you for thousands of dollars! If you want a candle or oil you can go to the store and buy that yourself. Purchase a beautiful white candle, make the room dark, light the candle, go into deep prayer and talk to God yourself. You just have to believe that once you make that prayer, it’s done and finished. If you have faith, the prayer will be answered in time, in some shape or form. But your faith must be strong.

Some psychics pray to the elements or Goddesses and Gods, such as the Earth or Sun or Water god. I believe everybody should believe in the way they want. I am not trying to insult any one particular religion and I respect their beliefs and I am not trying to judge anybody. But dealing with Kitty, that is not my belief. I feel prayers are so much stronger when you open your heart up to the Lord alone. I believe all the “deities” are all pieces dealing with the huge element of God! You are just dealing with one aspect or element when you pray to a deity. I don’t believe the prayers are as strong or direct unless you go directly to God himself. I find my prayers to be more successful by doing that.

I pray for people all the time but I never charge because I cannot predict if God is going to give this person what they are asking for. No psychic can give this guarantee. Is a psychic really walking with the Lord if they claim they can give you what you want? Even if that were true, it is all going to smack you in the face anyway because you weren’t dealing with the Lord – it was the devil. If you pray out of evilness you are not talking to the Lord. If you pray to God and say “My life is not good right now, but Lord I love you and what can I do to make it better? Please help me and guide me.” Now that’s talking to the Lord from your heart! Ask to be given strength. No one is better than the Lord and no psychic can claim they can make something happen and absolutely guarantee it. If you go to a person like that, negative things will come your way at some point because you threw out bad karma and it came back to yourself like a boomerang.

MORE ABOUT PRAYER & GOD’S PLAN FOR ANSWERS: The Bible says “hold the rod, spoil the child” but it doesn’t really work this way. God is going to challenge you. When you were a child, if you kept asking your parents for something over and over, you would make mom or dad irritated with you. When you do that to the Lord you insult him because he thinks you don’t really believe He heard you. You need to stop asking over and over in prayer. You must have faith. Sometimes the prayer you ask for might not be answered in the way you want. But we all have free will. And dealing with another person, they still have their free will. God only answers a prayer in the way he chooses. God is going to handle it in his way, according to his plan.

I’ve had people say to me, “I pray over and over and why doesn’t my prayer happen for me?” The answer is, there is no actual timing in the universe, that’s why psychics have a hard time with time. Maybe three months down the line a prayer will be answered, but not necessarily next week or next month.

However, not everything is pre-determined. For example, when you have children you are dealing with many different personalities. When you see your child has grown strong and accomplished in certain areas, you give your child a reward. If God does not give a reward to his child, then either their strength is not strong enough or the timing is not right with God. If you are having financial problems in life, maybe you might not come into a lot of money, but each month you are going to be taken care of if you have faith. Maybe you have gone through a lot of losses, but material things can be replaced if you believe in God and sincerely ask him. If you ask God to show you how to make your situation better and show that you are grateful for the things you do already have, then God will lead you.

Ask yourself why are you praying? Is it out of need and out of your heart and to really be shown the way? Or are you asking for something strictly out of selfishness? Any time you ask God out of wishing it should all be in good manner. But if you are thinking evil things and wishing bad upon other people that negative karma will come back to you. You wouldn’t be thinking those negative thoughts if you were truly dealing with the Lord. Sometimes this thinking will stop God from helping you because he will want you to be humble first and to have purity of heart.

Keep God in your heart and converse with Him every single day! Church is good because you learn the Bible there. But even if you are on the beach at the ocean you can stare at the waves and talk to God and that’s just as sacred. God is there anytime you raise up your hands and say “God, help me!” Would you not be offended if your child went to someone else to talk to you instead of directly to you, as their loving mother or father?


Please be aware, psychics are just like you and me. They can either use their gifts for good or evil – walking with the Lord or walking with evil. Usually the one walking with evil is out of greed and wanting to take you for everything you have. The one walking with the Lord just wants you to pay for her services and if she sees any other problems she would just want to help you out of the goodness of her heart.


There may be more instances of psychic fraud out there that I am unaware of, but above are the main day-to-day issues that I deal with. I would like to end with these final words of advice: don’t think evil thoughts and don’t throw bad karma out there. Just keep an open heart and believe in the power of God. Time gives you wisdom and you can look back in hindsight and see that your prayer was answered even if it didn’t come out the way you thought it should have. Maybe you thought it wasn’t answered. But when you look back you can be glad that it didn’t happen the way you wanted it. When your life is so much better, you can be glad you didn’t get what you asked for because you might have been young and immature when you originally asked for it. Maybe at the time your thinking was completely mature or rational and when you’re older you can sometimes understand things better. You must have a lot of love and respect for the Lord and accept His reasoning about why he doesn’t answer certain prayers. The Lord is a lot smarter and wiser than you are!

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