Psychics Who Will Ripped You Off Your Fortune

 Don’t get your hopes down, there really are legitimately gifted psychics and psychic mediums, which means that people really do have the ability to read your personal aura and Universal energy, and can communicate with your deceased loved ones in spirit. Moreover, these legitimate psychics and psychic mediums are generally honest, law-abiding people who only want to help people using their gifts.

That said, I’ve written this to inform you and warn you of the scams that exist out there as there are many frauds who will rip you out of your fortune. It’s important to understand that these scammers are most likely not legitimately gifted psychics and mediums. Instead, these scammers are simply phonies and frauds who are using the pretext of being a psychic or psychic medium in order to take advantage of desperate people.


It is when a psychic or psychic medium tells you that you are cursed or have a spell on you that they can fix (or remove) for a fee. This fee is usually exorbitant (hundreds or even thousands of dollars). They might offer to remove the curse as a service or they might sell you something that is intended to fix it, such as an expensive crystal, potion or candle. These people are using fear to manipulate you into giving them money. Don’t fall for it. The only curse or spell that’s being cast is their own karmic debt for scamming people. You need not worry.

To confuse the issue, there are some non-scamming psychics and psychic mediums who sell candles that they claim can help you with your intentions. While I don’t recommend that psychics and mediums do this because of the suspicion it raises, selling candles is not a scam. Using candles to set intentions is merely a ritual, like chanting a mantra using mala beads. Some of these psychics and psychic mediums truly believe in these candles as a tool for setting intentions. You can tell they’re not scammers because the candles only cost a few dollars. Of course, some psychics only sell them as an extra way to earn more money in addition to their readings. But it’s when the candles cost hundreds or thousands of dollars that you know it’s a scam.


In this field is when a psychic or psychic medium tells you that they can put a spell on someone to make that person do something, such as fall in love with you, hire you for a job, or give up on a legal dispute. No one can put a spell on another person and overcome that person’s free will, which is why this is a total scam.

We all have the power to say affirmations, set intentions and visualize any outcome that we want to create. Many use prayer for this purpose. And these practices can be very effective. But you can do this on your own — you don’t need a psychic or psychic medium to do it for you. They certainly don’t have any more power or influence than you, so don’t waste your money paying for spell casting services.


It is when someone guarantees that they can heal you using some form of energy healing technique. Now I do believe in energy healing such as Reiki, for instance. But don’t allow your desperation to be healed to get in the way of your common sense. You should get suspicious when the person “guarantees” that you will be healed. I would be even more suspicious if they guarantee your healing and charge thousands of dollars. And, by the way, there are plenty of people scamming folks with phony healing services that aren’t psychics or mediums, so this scam goes beyond the psychic industry.

One last bit of advice regarding scammers is that they tend to like cash and bank wire transfers. So if some stranger is trying to convince you to wire money to them, that should be a red flag that it might be a scam. Since credit card companies protect most purchases by allowing charge-backs and fraud protection, it’s always a good idea to make your purchases with credit cards instead. If the person trying to sell you something gets nasty about your refusal to send cash or wire money, let that be your sign to hang up the phone and not make the purchase.