BitWine Psychic Readings Reviews & Tips
Bitwine Online Psychic Network was founded nearly a decade ago and they now have more than 3,000 genuine psychics and spiritual advisors from across the globe. It is a well-known psychic network which provides professional psychic service offering intuitive advice and precise details about your problems in life. Meanwhile, they offer various online psychic consultations at a fixed price. Bitwine Psychics developed a customer rating system making their clients feel comfortable and guaranteed. In addition, their website is user-friendly which includes an informal chat setting making it easy for anyone to get a psychic reading whenever they want to and wherever they are.

A Wide Variety of Psychics

You’ll find a wide selection of expert psychics in Bitwine Psychic Network specialized in everything from astrology readings, love guidance, meditations, new age and parapsychology to psychic healing, Reiki,spiritual coaching, spiritualism, tarot card readings, and the occult. Along with the variety of experts, BitWine consistently holds an extremely high standard for the excellence and expertise. The psychics undergo a meticulous screening process. The professionals that are providing the readings are more than sincere and genuine. All those that engage in the network, are delivered with insights and answers onto the most pressing issues that a person can face. There is no situation or question that can go unanswered by the staff of professionals. Bitwine offers their initial introductory chat for free which is very nice because people do not have to register to get this special.

If clients want a more personalized reading, they can request their psychics to add a full video and audio connection to their chat. This great feature will give clients a very personalized reading in the comfort of their home. Take note that this feature is available from participating advisors only. In addition, there’s a lot of psychics who gives a wide range of great offers from time to time. An example is a $10 deal. At any given day, the $10 deal could be $10 = 15 minutes, an angel card reading with five questions for $10, a $10 lover’s reading, or any offer that their psychics decide to create. Given these offers, customers could not resist trying out Bitwine Psychic Network.
A Wide Selection of Categories
BitWine offers a wide selection of specialties to choose from in order to address the customers need and for them to get the psychic reading that they want.

BitWine’s categories are one great feature that allows the customers to see the psychics that specialize in these fields with just one click. In addition, you can see a brief introduction for each psychic which will help you decide whom you’d like to have the reading with. By clicking on the more details option, you will get to know more about each psychic and find client reviews. All of these features will help you choose the psychic who fit your requirements and needs.
Great Privacy
Customers can pay their advisors by providing their Paypal account. If the customer doesn’t have one, Bitwine’s system can set up a Paypal account absolutely free. By using Paypal, Bitwine secures their customers’ online transactions. Customers will be advised before they get charged for the reading. Normally charges will start after the introductory session. The main purpose of the introductory session is for customers’ to establish a connection and trust with the psychic making them decide to pay for the advisor’s services.
The customer will be charged a per-minute rate – as low as $0.50 per minute – and just before the end of your call, the amount you’ve agreed upon will be debited from your PayPal account. Customers also have the option to end the session when they want to.
A Nice Community Forum
If you don’t know which psychic to contact, you can go to the BitWine Community Forum. You can get psychic recommendations or even get a fast answer to a spirituality question. Online users can access a wide range of sub-topics like articles and news forum.
One of the most helpful forums is the BitWine advisors forum which is a great place for psychics to communicate and benefit from the experiences of their colleagues. Meanwhile, it helps them discuss any general concerns and issues. All forums are monitored by BitWine staff. If you are looking for the best and recommednded advisors, best to go to Bitwine’s featured advisors forum. Ask a Psychic forum is one innovative sub-forum found on this psychic network which is created for people who do not know what psychic to contact. By simply posting their question on this sub-forum, people can have BitWine’s community of experience psychics give them advice.
A One of a Kind Psychic Store
There’s nothing quite like Bitwine from any other psychic network. It’s stocked with more than 10,000 items from Original Products including candles, talismans, crystals and essential oils at a special discount. You can shop by desire (such as fast luck, success & prosperity or love & attraction) or by a specific product. All of their products are made of high quality materials which can last a long time. One of their featured products is the BitWine’s Removing Jinx Contra Fluid which is designed to remove a curse.
The Love Amor product line is designed for people who wanted to attract more love in their life. Estrus perfume, Love Ouanga, Love Soap and Attraction Candles are just some of their products on their product line. Additionally, Bitwine also sells a wide variety of money attracting products. Some of these are the Mr. Money Cologne, Money Mist, Big Money Candles and the Money Drawing Shop.
It’s a great way to take your love of the psychic world to the next level even after your reading ends.
In Conclusion
The BitWine Online Psychic Network is absolutely way better than the other psychic networks out there. They are customer service oriented aiming to always make their customers happy. They have a strict screening process to ensure that their clients will always get the best psychic reading from professional psychics. Bitwine also offers more reading options. Their web site is very user-friendly. Along with the satisfaction guarantee and psychic rating system only proves that they have a great passion to provide a high quality of service to their customers.
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